Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Shampoo

I bought a bottle of Dr. Bonner's Peppermint shampoo to try out since I sometimes have a dry itchy scalp because I like to keep my hair braided up in the winter months, and I like it. I previously posted on the soap that I tried, but the shampoo is a little better than the bar soap. After shampooing my hair with this shampoo, my hair felt very soft to the touch. It didn't stop my scalp from itching and I still had some dryness and flaking on my scalp after using this particular shampoo. I still say it's a fairly good shampoo. Now I went to my usual BSS (beauty supply store) and priced it at $9.99 for, I believe, 16oz. bottle. I think I used to see a smaller bottle and wanted to try the smaller bottle in case I didn't like it and decided to check into another BSS to find it. I didn't find a smaller bottle, but found this product a little cheaper at $7.29, so I bought it. The consistency of this shampoo is rather watery. The label says it's concentrated and to dilute, but I just poured some in my hand and lathered away. This shampoo has no detergents and says it's 100% vegan. This shampoo is a castile based shampoo. Now one thing I noticed after using this shampoo is that it dried out my hair somewhat. So if you are going to use this shampoo, follow up with a good conditioner and a good leave-in type conditioner. Below I list some of the ingredients & claims of this shampoo.

Ingredients: Water, saponified organic coconut*, & organic olive* ( with retained glycerin), organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, organic peppermint oil, mentha arvensis, citric acie, vitamin E.

*Certified Fair Trade Ingredients (I don't know what this means)

Claims: 1 soap for 18 different uses. Guaranteed no synthetic peppermint oils and 100% vegetarian. Super mild castile has outstanding water softening and cleansing powers. Preferable to harsh soap & defattening synthetics. It does not cut dirt, but dissolves it. it is the mildest, most pleasant soap you ever used or your money back.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dove Anti-Frizz Cream

I recently purchased this cream and tried it out on my hair and I happen to like this a lot. You don't need to use a lot of the cream and it made my hair feel nice and smooth. The day that I used it I didn't happen to have any gel to smooth my hair back and it worked like a charm all by itself. I don't know if this product is an active product on the regular store shelves, since I bought mine from a dollar type store for $1.99. A lot of times you get products in the dollar store that are either discontinued or not actively placed on store shelves like CVS, Wal-Mart etc. They had two different types of the cream and I have the "Smooth & Soft" type. I believe the other one was a botanical type anti-frizzant if I remember correctly. Below I will list some of the ingredients of this cream and the claims the product makes. This product has silicones and if you don't like to apply silicone to your hair you may want to skip this one.

*For a smooth, finished look with enhanced shine
*Smooths away frizz and tames fly-aways
*Won't leave hair weighted down, even after reapplying

*Water,Dimethicone, Silk-Amino Acids, Glycine, Arginine, Cystine, Hystidine, Borage Officinalis Seed oil & Glycerine.

*I included some of the ingredients. For a full disclosure of ingredients look up product information.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Comment On Something I Read

'4 Little Details Men Notice About Women'

Here's something I read on the Yahoo page that I thought I would post a comment on.
Someone wrote about the things that guys (4 little details) notice about women.

Below is a condensed version of the article.

Hands:daintiness, complexion, how they look holding a wine glass, whether they are manicured.

Hair: doing simple actions provoking powerful emotions (hair blowing in the wind) giving a man a good mood.

Attitude Towards Others: how she treats others ie. nicely respectfully.

What She Notices: someone who can laugh at and notice little things, and who always brings new insights to different situations.

Firstly, as for hands, I have big hands (nothing that dainty about them). As for the complexion, the writer didn't say what they meant by complexion, eg. light, dark, tanned, porcelain like. I don't know because the writer didn't elaborate on it.

Now about the hair blowing in the wind...Come on, don't men know that we women don't like our hair blowing in the wind? You spend all day getting your hair just right, perfectly coiffed, all hair sprayed up, with finishing spray to boot. And then it happens. The big swoosh of wind that dismantles the entire hairstyle. So maybe you guys should rethink that blowing hair in the wind stuff. And how could someones hair blowing in the wind evoke such a strong emotion that could change a man's mood anyways? All I know is us sisters don't usually have that "blowing" type of hair unless it's got a relaxer in it and mine doesn't have a relaxer and I don't believe it could blow in the wind. he he

Now as for attitudes of women, and how they treat other people whether 'nicely' 'respectfully' etc. I try to treat people with respect and I believe that's a good thing. So I agree with this one.

What a woman notices is also a biggie for me. I notice things about people, but don't dwell on it. I might give a little sly remark about things I notice about people and like a guy that can appreciate my brand of humor.

Now a word for the gentlemen of the world since the aforementioned writer of the article asks: What is a little thing (appearance, moment or personality)that you notice in a guy that is a simple, beautiful thing?

Here are some things that we women do notice in you guys: height, hair, well dressed/groomed or not, roving eye or not, chivalry and how they smell.

Me personally, I am attracted to a well groomed guy, meaning, his hair is neat and not wild looking. Someone who dresses well (love, love suits), and I don't quite care what type of clothes a man wishes to wear as long as it's fitting him good. nothing more sexy for me that seeing a man in a nice polo type shirt and a nice pair of slacks & shoes without socks (sexy sexy). A guy who listens to his woman and who realizes that we women are hormonal, meaning we do get our times, and who can still see beauty in us when we act a fool, is the kind of guy that, in my pinion, is ideal. Men should also realize that some women are simple and appreciate the simple things in life and are low maintenance and then there are some women who are high maintenance and like to have everything done, but that's only one's personal preference, and either way it's all good. My hair won't be blowing in the wind anytime soon and my nails may not be manicured to perfection all the time and I'm not always 'nice' he he (you can tell this by some of my posts). I can hold a wine glass and swig wine like a guy if I want to, even though I'm not really a drinker, or I can drink a soda and be fine. It's about time we women and you men did try to understand each other a bit more and not place so much emphasis on things we read about on how someone should be or act and pay more attention to our own feeling about a particular person and try to enjoy the good aspects as well as the not so good aspects of that person.

In closing, both women and men should 'notice' what's on the inside as well as what's on the outside. We should also 'notice' whether someone is being authentic or if they're being what you or someone else wants them to be. Some simple and beautiful things that we should notice is how we feel around someone, how they react to us, and how the dynamics feel when we are just letting loose and being ourselves are all simple things that we can notice about someone.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shea Butter As A Hair Conditioner

Recently I bought some African shea butter at a festival down at Penns Landing that I thought I'd put something up about. The gentleman I bought it from said that it was all natural, so I plunked down $10 for it. So far it's a good conditioner, but the only thing that I don't happen to like about it is that it causes the hair to shrink a lot, especially in humid type weather. It also builds up on the scalp with regular use and I had to really shampoo my hair a few times to get it out of my hair. I think I'm going to mostly use this on the ends of my hair and not too much on my hair because of the build up problem and the tendency for the hair to attract a lot of lint if you are heavy handed with this. I know that some people on the Net swear by shea butter for their hair and it is a good product for your hair, but for all the people that like to CW (conditioner wash) their hair, should probably use it sparingly because you'll have to use shampoo to get it out of your hair. Anyway, I've posted a photo of what the tub of shea I bought looks like if you'd like to try some of this.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Something For Your Spirituality

This post isn't about hair, but I thought I would post it anyway to help people come to terms with their spirituality. I've posted photos of St. Edward the Confessor who was canonized a saint in 1161. I'm also posting information about this saint for anyone interested in saints in general. Please read the following information and really reflect on your life and doings:

King of England, born in 1003; died 5 January, 1066. He was the son of Ethelred II and Emma, daughter of Duke Richard of Normandy, being thus half-brother to King Edmund Ironside, Ethelred's son by his first wife, and to King Hardicanute, Emma's son by her second marriage with Canute. When hardly ten years old he was sent with his brother Alfred into Normandy to be brought up at the court of the duke his uncle, the Danes having gained the mastery in England. Thus he spent the best years of his life in exile, the crown having been settled by Canute, with Emma's consent, upon his own offspring by her. Early misfortune thus taught Edward the folly of ambition, and he grew up in innocence, delighting chiefly in assisting at Mass and the church offices, and in association with religious, whilst not disdaining the pleasures of the chase, or recreations suited to his station. Upon Canute's death in 1035 his illegitimate son, Harold, seized the throne, Hardicanute being then in Denmark, and Edward and his brother Alfred were persuaded to make an attempt to gain the crown, which resulted in the cruel death of Alfred who had fallen into Harold's hands, whilst Edward was obliged to return to Normandy. On Hardicanute's sudden death in 1042, Edward was called by acclamation to the throne at the age of about forty, being welcomed even by the Danish settlers owing to his gentle saintly character. His reign was one of almost unbroken peace, the threatened invasion of Canute's son, Sweyn of Norway, being averted by the opportune attack on him by Sweyn of Denmark; and the internal difficulties occasioned by the ambition of Earl Godwin and his sons being settled without bloodshed by Edward's own gentleness and prudence. He undertook no wars except to repel an inroad of the Welsh, and to assist Malcolm III of Scotland against Macbeth, the usurper of his throne. Being devoid of personal ambition, Edward's one aim was the welfare of his people. He remitted the odious "Danegelt", which had needlessly continued to be levied; and though profuse in alms to the poor and for religious purposes, he made his own royal patrimony suffice without imposing taxes. Such was the contentment caused by "the good St. Edward's laws", that their enactment was repeatedly demanded by later generations, when they felt themselves oppressed.

Yielding to the entreaty of his nobles, he accepted as his consort the virtuous Editha, Earl Godwin's daughter. Having, however, made a vow of chastity, he first required her agreement to live with him only as a sister. As he could not leave his kingdom without injury to his people, the making of a pilgrimage to St. Peter's tomb, to which he had bound himself, was commuted by the pope into the rebuilding at Westminster of St. Peter's abbey, the dedication of which took place but a week before his death, and in which he was buried. St. Edward was the first King of England to touch for the "king's evil", many sufferers from the disease were cured by him. He was canonized by Alexander III in 1161. His feast is kept on the 13th of October, his incorrupt body having been solemnly translated on that day in 1163 by St. Thomas of Canterbury in the presence of King Henry II.

Note: (top photo) The Wilton Diptych, depicting Richard II being presented by three saints to the Virgin and Child. Nearest to Richard is his patron saint John the Baptist. Behind are Saint Edward the Confessor and Saint Edmund.
(bottom photo) St. Edward the Confessor

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stretching Out Natural Afro Hair

When you have natural kinky type afro hair, trying to achieve certain styles can be a bit difficult at times. After I wash my hair it shrinks way down and I look like I have about two or three inches of hair, even though it's much longer than that after I braid it and it dries. Just the other day I was in a rush to style my hair after washing it and I braided it & used a hood type dryer to dry it quickly, but my hair didn't dry all the way & it was shrunken when I slicked it back. Maybe had it dried thoroughly, it would have been more stretched. I do not apply any type of heat to my hair and usually like to stretch my hair by braiding or twisting it up. Usually after the second day of braiding and re-braiding my hair it's usually sufficiently stretched so that I can pull it back. There are many "straightening" type products on the market, but I have only tried one of them by Smooth & Shine, a straightening balm, with minimal results. The product I tried recently escapes my memory, but I will post a photo & name of the product as soon as I am able to. I've posted a photo of the relaxing balm, which I tried on my hair many years ago when I was trying to go natural and wanted something to stretch out my new growth hair and it worked okay, but nothing spectacular. Some people like to use a hair dryer to stretch out their natural hair, but I have not done this myself, since I don't like to use heat on my hair. If I were in a pinch I might use a hair dryer though. Another good way to stretch out natural kinky hair is to use some type of roller after washing the hair, making sure the hair is sufficiently damp and rolling the roller tightly on the hair and either letting the hair air dry or by using a hair dryer. Here is a helpful link to a page on with reviews for the Straight Out product: href="http://">href=" Check out one of my Youtube videos below. Please watch, comment, rate & subscribe!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Some "Shine" on Kinky Type Afro Hair

Throughout the years, even when I was regularly relaxing my hair, I was always trying to get my hair to look shiny. My hair always seemed to look dull most of the time. The only time I did have shiny hair was when I went to the beauty salon and let the professionals work their magic. They have knowledge of what products works best with your type of hair, and the expertise to have your hair looking good. Too bad I didn't take some courses in beauty school because I believe that would have helped me out some. Some of the products that I have used on my hair in the past and currently, mostly contain some type of silicone in the product. I believe silicone is supposed to reflect light off of your hair if applied properly. And even though a lot of web pages/sites do not think using silicone on kinky afro type hair, I use it sometimes and don't have a problem with it.

Here is a recipe for a shine type concoction. I have not tried this, but am anxious to try it out. I know that my afro type kinky hair doesn't really have a shine to it per se, but you can always increase the sheen on your hair, so try this out and post a comment if if works.

Liquid Brilliantine recipe

3 teaspoons sesame oil
2 teaspoons castor oil
4 teaspoons mink oil
3 teaspoons liquid lecithin
3/4 cup mineral oil
Few drops of essential oil

Mix all the ingredients together. When you shampoo your hair, this mixture floats away very easily. The castor oil helps to hold the hair in place after combing. You may also use this mixture under a hot cap.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dr. Bronner's Magic Peppermint Soap

I recently bought this soap to try out on my hair for a change and it's okay. I had to shampoo my hair several times to really get it clean with this soap, but it left my hair nice and soft and my hair didn't feel like it was stripped after the three washings. I used to use to soap to wash my hair when I was younger and decided to give it a try once again. I like to try out new things and am a bit of a PJ or product junkie for those of you who are familiar with hair language. I have so many products that I have tried, some I like and and some I don't. This particular brand also comes in a liquid shampoo also. I was going to try it out, but decided I would try to soap first. Here are the ingredients:

Saponified organic coconut, organic palm & organic olive oil (w/retained glycerin), water, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, organic peppermint oil, mentha arvensis, salt, citric acid, vitamin E.

My Kitty Leading A Life of Leisure

Will you take a look at this photo of my cat? (Click here to see a funny video of my cat on Youtube)I bet your eyes can't believe what you are seeing. He He. I snapped this photo of my cat because she always does this move and I am perplexed when I see cats do this. I'm thinking I would put a caption on this photo as: This is your brain on drugs! He He. Or how bout this one: Just polished off a six pack of Miller, now I'm chillin. He He He. And to make matters worse this cat has the nerve to always be in your way while you're trying to walk, and if you even brush up against her she hauls off and double whacks you with her paws and then hang onto you and bite you!!!! Ungrateful Puss!!! He He. I keep telling this cat that I'm not gonna have her stuffed when she dies if she keeps biting me like that! Yuck Yuck. She's never gonna get that part in Puss & Boots if she keeps up doing this. Anyway, I still love my kitty. Even though cats seem to generally be mean spirited, ungrateful, sneaky, not giving a damn if you like them or not, people are still bending over backwards for their cats. A dog would never bite you if you accidentally brushed against them. My cat destroyed my brand new living room set by clawing it to pieces, yet I still buy her premium food! What a fool I am. Anyway, to all cat lovers, keep on letting your kitty lounge on your freshly washed clothes, pick fleas on your just changed bed linens and generally being aloof, uncaring and biting you whenever they feel like it cause we all know we still love our kitties.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Suave Sleek Frizz Control Gel

Since I'm on frizzy hair I might as well add this gel to the mix. I bought this gel some time ago and used it a few times. It is a very good gel for when the humidity is high and your hair frizzes up. It has a nice smell and a silky feel to it. When I use this gel it holds my hair nicely and keeps the frizz at bay. As a matter of fact I used it today and it held my hair beautifully. I recommend this gel to all "nappies" and even to people who don't have afro type hair, but hair that frizzes up.

One Hundred Degrees of Hair

The weather for the last few days has been very hot and humid. Today it got to 100 degrees in Philly. Anyway, I decided to post a hair recipe for frizzy hair. I know that my hair frizzes up a lot on humid, hot days. Even when I wash my hair on a humid day, it never seems to dry at all. I envy people who do not sweat in their head and their hair does not shrink. By nature kinky afro type hair has a tendency to shrink roughtly 75% or more when damp or wet. I really hate that about my hair. Cool days don't give me that much of a problem with shrinkage other than when I wash my hair. I am super hot as I type this up because I don't have any air conditioning yet, but am going to get it in a day or two. Well, as I said that I would give a good recipe for a frizzy hair:

Frizz Buster Hair Recipe

1/2 cup conditioner
1/4 cup honey
1 tablespoon almond oil

Mix ingredients, blend well. Pour mixture over damp hair, work it in....leave on for about 20 minutes for a good deep conditioning. Rinse out. This works for all hair types.

NOTE: I haven't tried this myself, so if anyone tries this out and it works pleas email me or post a comment and let me know. Thanx.

Friday, June 6, 2008

My Strands

I tried to take a photo of a few of my strands, but my digital camera is not that good, but I'm posting the photo just the same. The four strands show the different types of hair on my head. As you can see the top strand bends in the "z" angles, which eqauals 4B or 4C hair. The bottom strand has more of a curl pattern to it, namely 4A I believe. In the middle the strands are little "o's", with the left one a little smaller than the right one, again two different types of hair. When I purchase a better camera I will again take photos of different strands of my hair and hopefully the photos will be a little clearer. The hair samples came from the middle and front of my hair. I did not take any from the nape or sides of my hair which I believe is more of a 3C.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tightly Coiled & Kinky Hair Information--3C thru 4C Hair

Information regarding type 4A thru 4C hair seems to be the most popular on this page. I have looked at other websites and webpages and have come up with additional information for this type of hair. I took information from, which is a good website for all types of hair. They have numerous pages filled with all kinds of information about products that work, in their opinion, and products that don't. I still believe you have to try out products for your own hair, because what may work beautifully for one head may not work on your head. In my opinion, hair can be very unforgiving. Too much shampooing, not enough shampooing, too much conditioning or not enough conditioning can have deleterious effects on your hair. And sometimes you can take what you feel is the best care of your hair, only to still end up with damaged and/or unruly "bad" hair days, weeks & months. To look at type 4 hair, you would be led to believe that it is strong and can withstand whatever you would do to it. But because type 4 hair is so fragile, it needs the most moisture of any other type of hair and needs to be handled with care. So without further adieu, below is some good information I got from the web and I hope you will find it of further help:

Type 4: Kinky hair
If your hair falls into the Type 4 category, then it is kinky, or very tightly curled. Generally, Type 4 hair is very wiry, very tightly coiled and very, very fragile. Like Type 3 hair, Type 4 hair appears to be coarse, but it is actually quite fine, with lots and lots of thin strands densely packed together. Healthy Type 4 hair won't shine, but it will have sheen. It will be soft to the touch and will pass the strand test with ease. It will feel more silky than it will look shiny. Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg and the actress Angela Bassett are all Type 4s.

Type 4 hairs looks tough and durable, but looks can be deceiving. If you have Type 4 hair, you already know that it is the most fragile hair around. Why? Type 4 hair has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair type, which means that it has less natural protection from the damage you inflict by combing, brushing, curling, blow-drying and straightening it. The more cuticle layers in a single strand of hair, the more protection it has from damage. Each time you damage your hair — fire up the curling iron, fry it with chemicals – you break down a cuticle layer, robbing your hair of much-needed moisture. I cannot emphasize this enough. It's like taking a wire and bending it again and again. Eventually, it's going to snap and break.

Many women with Type 4 hair rely on chemical relaxers to make hair easier to control. In its natural states, sometimes Type 4 hair doesn't grow very long because every time you comb it, it breaks. (Of course, if you have dreadlocks and never comb them or keep them braided, your hair can and does grow quite long.)

There are two subtypes of Type 4 hair: Type 4A, tightly coiled hair that, when stretched, has an "S" pattern, much like curly hair; and Type 4B, which has a "Z" pattern, less of a defined curl pattern (instead of curling or coiling, the hair bends in sharp angles like the letter "Z"). Type 4A tends to have more moisture than Type 4B, which will have a wiry texture. But what if your hair has been chemically straightened? How can you tell which subtype you belong to if your hair is relaxed? You'll need at least one inch of new growth to tell. Pull at the roots. If you can see a definite curl pattern, then it's an A, if not, then it's a B.

Type 4 hair can range from fine/thin to wiry/coarse strand texture. Generally, this hair is densely packed to give the appearance of very thick but fragile hair. 4a hair has a clearly visible curl and wave pattern that ranges from pen size curls to pen spring size coils. 4b hair has a tighter wave pattern and kinks of various size. This texture does not exhibit the shine or silkiness of looser type curls, but instead has sheen, and a soft, almost cotton-like feel. As with other types of curly hair, showing the true length can be an extra challenge, as the hair may grow “up” or “out” before starting to hang down. In its unlocked/unbraided state, type 4 hair is known to shrink up to 75% of the actual hair length. With the proper care and technique, type 4 hair is indeed resilient, manageable, durable, growable and easy to control.

NOTE: Here is one of my Youtube videos. Please watch, rate, comment & subscribe!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two New Products

I just bought two new products a few days ago, so I decided to post about them because I like both. I got Extreme Curling Gel & Press -n Curl Wax, both by Lottabody. I tried both of these products and like them. Even though the gel is a gel to create curls, I like curling type gels because they have more slip to them and always seem to hold my hair better. Now as for the Press -n Curl Wax, this product has petrolatum & parabens, two things that are not that good for your hair. The smell is nice and I didn't find the curl wax to be either too stiff or too greasy. I mostly will use the curling wax around the edges of my hair when I pull my hair back to keep the hair down. The gel was very slippery, which I like, and didn't dry too quickly before I could properly brush down my hair. This is what the products claim:

Press -n Curl Wax
* Temporarily straighten coarse hair (with a blow dryer).
* Use as daily maintenance to smooth stray hairs.
* Use as a wax for twists and locs.
* Even coarse hair remains straight on the most humid days.

Extreme Curling Gel
* Eliminate frizz and enhance curls while conditioning, moisturizing
and adding shine.
* A must for anyone with tight curls and coarse hair.

These two products were cheap and you get a good size for both of them. I'll use them for a while and then post an update on the bottom of this post.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Hair

This is a photo of my freshly washed hair with no product on my hair (bottom photo). I conditioner washed my hair and then applied another conditioner and rinsed out my hair and this is how it looks after I finished. After I did the conditioner wash I decided to twist my hair up and I did just that (top photo). I used ORS Twist & Loc Gel *(the one with the coconut milk in it). I like the product but the only thing I don't like about it is that it made my hair stiff and tacky feeling after I removed the twists a week later. I also used ORS carrot oil, which I had not used in a while and now I know why I didn't. It caused my scalp to itch a lot and I was allergic to it. I'm going to try something a little different the next time I decide to twist my hair because when I remove my twists I don't like my hair to be dry, stiff or not feeling moisturized. After about two days with the twists I did put olive oil on each twist so that my hair wouldn't be too dry, but it didn't seem to help as much because the twist gel was way too stiff. I don't think that I would purchase the twist gel again when I'm done with it. I don't know if maybe I used a little too much of it since my hair is thick. Anyway, next time I'll use it more sparingly and see if I get better results.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Two Babies

I recently purchased two things that were on my wish list of some things I have wanted to get. I got two new combs from Sally Beauty Supply and I'm liking them both a whole lot. The first one (first pic) is the detangler comb & the second one is a wide toothed comb. These are two dynamite combs that work and get the tangles out of your hair with the least loss of hair. What I did was after conditioner washing, I combed my hair using the detangler comb in the shower with a full head of conditioner. It's always best to detangle your hair in the shower with a good amount of conditioner on your hair, since wet hair can be quite fragile, but with the conditioner on it and using careful strokes of a good detangler comb, you'll save more of your strands. As you know, kinky natural hair has a tendency to knot up and tangle easy and should be carefully handled wet or dry. I do comb my hair dry and I know I shouldn't, but sometimes you have to. I take my time though when combing my hair dry and always put oil on it before doing so. Anyway, in closing, happy mother's day to all the mother's everywhere and to my future mother-in-law. Cuckoo time...Happy happy joy joy, whoo whoo hoo hoo, spinning & twirling, eyes floating to the back of my head looking at my man. Whew! Why the he** did he have to be so damn fine???

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting Smooth Skin for the Summer Months

Dragon skin belongs on dragons, not people. It's about that time again when we all will be bearing more skin for the summer months. You know what that means. You want your skin to look good for shorts, skirts and sandals. I personally like to keep my skin looking good year round, but for those of us who want to get ready for summer skin now I'll share a few tips. The one thing that I have found that is really important for nice looking skin is to exfoliate. Whatever products you like to use to smooth out your skin, you should start now to get your skin looking good. I like to use a loofah pad for my entire body, top to bottom. They're relatively inexpensive and you can find them almost anywhere bath products are sold. I sometimes get mine from Liquidators store. You can sometimes find discontinued ones for real cheap. CVS and other stores of this type sell exfoliation pads for both the body and the face. Get one of each and use it and you'll see a difference in your skin in no time. Pay special attention to your feet ladies, because there's no use in looking good and your feet looking bad. Keep your toenails clipped and clean and ALWAYS POLISHED. After a bath or shower is a good time to scrub off dead skin on your feet. The skin is softened and can be easily removed with the least trouble. I like to use one of those pumice type stones on the back of a grater type thingy. And remember that your toes have hang nails and the cuticles need to pushed back as well as your fingernails. There is nothing more unpleasant than to see a woman with ugly, unsightly looking feet. If you get into the habit of keeping your feet looking nice year round, then they will be summer ready from the get go. Baby oil (gotten on the cheap from the dollar store) is a good moisturizer for feet and legs, especially after shaving the legs. I'm hairy and have hairy legs that I like to shave in the summer. I keep one or two bottles of baby oil on hand at all time. I sometimes like to put a few drops of fragrant oil into my baby oil so I have a nice scent with my moisturizer. Easy, easy, cheap. There's no excuse for bad looking feet or skin in the summertime.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hair Brush Information

Dry hair can be a big problem with most people, and particularly people with afro kinky type hair. On account that kinky hair grows the way it does, spirally from the scalp, the natural oils from the scalp cannot reach the length of the strand to properly lubricate it, so you are usually left with parched, dry hair. In order for you to get the natural oils to the very ends of your hair you usually have to brush the hair. I'm careful with using a brush on my hair because improper brushing or too vigorous brushing can break the hair. I have three brushes that I use. Two are natural boar bristle brushes (more delicate type brushes) and a detangling type brush. The natural boar bristle brushes I have are two different types. One of them is a bit more sturdy for when I am trying to pull my hair back. The other one is very soft and I usually use it to brush back my hair after I put it in a pony tail, to even out the hair and get the hair to lay down. My detangler brush (Denman knockoff), I use when my hair is tangled and a regular brush cannot remove the tangles without breaking off my hair. I'm going to one day buy the real Denman brush because I've wanted this brush for a long time. Denman makes a lot of brushes and they cost more than regular brushes you buy from the BSS. They're not super expensive, around $7 or $8 dollars for the one that I want. You can get the Denman brushes from Sally Beauty Supply store. I have looked in different stores, but haven't found them in other stores. I have been using natural boar bristle brushes for many many years now. I used to use the nylon type brushes and started using the natural boar bristle brushes after my sister told me about them. They are more gentle to the hair, by not pulling the hair like nylon brushes do. Nylon brushes are definitely a no no for any type of hair, and in particular natural kinky hair. That old adage about a hundred strokes of brushing the hair doesn't apply today. A few strokes with the brush is all you really need. Only enough to get at the natural oils on your scalp and distribute them to the rest of your hair. So brush on baby, but take your time and don't overdo it.

Old Time Fresh from the Kitchen Hair Helpers

In the past I have used all kinds of things on my hair, to get that "perfect" head of hair. Well, as you can see from my postings, I'm still looking for good products that work. I have read so many articles from magazines that tout using things from the kitchen as moisturizers and conditioners from your very own kitchen. Egg yolks, mayonnaise and molasses for conditioning the hair and vinegar and baking soda for clarifying the hair etc. The list of things don't end. I have tried just about all of these things and had no noticeable difference in my hair at all. The only kitchen item that I frequently use on my hair is olive oil. I read an article some time ago where this woman, who had very thick and long hair, said that she used molasses on her hair as a conditioner. I tried the molasses thing, but didn't notice anything special about it either. I also have tried mashed avocado on my hair only to end up with a nasty mess to wash out of my hair. Maybe I need a food processor to finely blend the avocado or something. The vinegar hair rinse is okay to clarify your hair, but only if you regularly use a lot of product on your hair. I don't use a lot of product on my hair, and to date have only used a vinegar rinse once. I like to use a little gel on my hair and maybe a heavy moisturizer on occasion when I want a nicely slicked back hairstyle. I mostly concentrate on hair moisturizers and stuff like that because my hair can get dry very quickly. Lemons are also supposed to be good for the hair to remove buildup and make the hair shiny. Lemons can also be used to lighten the hair slightly in the summer months. You can use a q-tip to apply lemon juice to your hair and have nice highlights without dyeing the hair. I like the idea of using things from my kitchen to condition my hair etc.

The Cutting Edge on Sponge Rollers

On my previous post I put up information about making your own hair "donut" to style your hair in a bun. I have seen the sponge type of hair "donuts" at Salley Beauty Supply store and almost purchased one of these. Now I'm glad that I didn't, seeing that I can now make my own and have any color that I choose to have. I used to use sponge rollers when I was younger and thought that they were everything. I recently was watching a news program on television and saw an older woman and she had the nerve to have one sole pink sponge roller in her hair. I was mortified and couldn't believe what I was seeing. How are you going to get yourself up on television and have a pink sponge roller in your hair?? I guess some things never change. I remember when I used to use those same pink sponge rollers and would use them until they had totally flattened out and would get a very tight curl because they were so old. Sponge type rollers are very damaging to the hair by the way they are made. If you look closely at a sponge roller you can see the sharp edges that make them up. It looks almost like a honeycomb up close. A honeycomb full of sharp edges ready to attack your delicate hair and break it off. At the time that I was using them I guess nobody noticed this and thought that they were okay to use on your hair. They even came out with black sponge rollers and you know I bought some of them too. I think that I still have some sponge rollers in my possession until this very day. I then later went on to purchase hard rollers, with the tiny little spikes on them to grip the hair tightly when you roll it up. I swore by these rollers too. They made a nice curl, but were difficult to sleep in at night. In my opinion these types of rollers should only be worn in the hair during the day because they hurt the scalp when you sleep in them. I still have my hard rollers and sometimes use them. The things we women do to look nice for ourselves and you guys.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dunkin's Got Nuthin on my "Donut"

As the summer months approach I usually like to have different hair styles to wear. A while ago I found some directions on how to make a hair "donut". Well, I tried it out and I made my own. A hair "donut" is a form you put on your hair after you make a ponytail so you can have a nice uniform bun. Buns are good for work or when you want or have to have a more professional type look to your natural hair. All hair types can use a "donut", just as all hair types can create a nice bun. So many times in the past when I used to hot comb straighten my hair, I used to try to make buns and always had an uneven or ratty looking bun. When you use something to hold the hair it always looks better. They sell "sponge donuts" at many beauty supply stores, but why settle for sponge, that can cut through your hair and damage it, when you can make your own. Below I'm going to give directions to make your own "donut" so when you want a nice bun you'll be ready to style it that way.

What you need: Two old socks or one sock and one stocking sock (which I use)

How to do it
1)Cut off feet of socks/stocking sock.(bottom photo)
2)Turn both inside out, so it's right side out when finished.
3)Put one sock inside the other. If using a sock & stocking sock, put stocking sock inside of regular sock.(middle photo)
4)Hold both socks with your thumb & fore finger and begin to tightly roll both from bottom to top.
5)When you reach the top tuck in ends and there you have it, you own "donut" (top photo)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Natural Beneficial Botanicals for Hair

There are so many products marketed to hair that you don't know where to start and where to end. I am from the school of finding products that are both beneficial to the hair etc. and also not too expensive and that actually work. In my quest for beautiful natural hair, I have for the last two years, constantly tried out different products claiming they are all natural and all that and are supposed to be very good for the hair. Aura makes products that include botanicals like rosemary for the hair. I have one of their conditioners and I like it. It's cooling to the scalp and is good to the hair also. It's called Rosemary Mint conditioner or something like that. I used to look at a girl's web page and she always had nice looking hair and she said that she used Aura Cherry Bark conditioner, but I never tried that one, but will in the future. I know that botanicals like herbs and the like can do good for hair, but finding the right one or the right combination is what is a problem for me. I will find what I believe to be a good conditioner and use it and then either it stops working, or never works from the start. I found some helpful information about certain plants like horsetail and biotin, which are supposed to be good for the hair. Sometimes when I'm purchasing products I try to look for certain things in them, so that even if the product isn't very good, at least it has something beneficial in it. I like to look for Aloe and things like biotin and even silicone, because they usually work for me. As far as taking biotin by mouth, I won't do that again. I once took this as a supplement because all over the Net they touted this as a miracle supplement for both hair growth and hair retention. I took it and after I took it about a few weeks, it made my skin break out. I didn't like that aspect of it at all. I stopped taking it and decided to not take it by mouth anymore. Some vitamins and supplements can be powerful and you have to be careful what you take and how much you take. When I take something I've never taken before I take the minimal dose that I can get away with and still have some kind of results. I do take vitamin supplements everyday and have for as long as I can remember. My mother used to make us kids take vitamins when we were young. She used to give us this liquid type vitamin that tasted awful. I couldn't stand it, but she made us take it anyway. So many products for one head of hair, mine. So my quest continues for the perfect product(s) for my hair.

More Good Stuff

I recently trimmed the ends of my hair and almost immediately I could feel a difference in how my hair felt. I had been meaning to do it for some time, but couldn't find the time because of my work schedule. Now my hair looks a bit better and feels better to the touch. Those split and uneven ends were not good at all and I'm glad they're gone. I am thinking of a very funny story about something that happened when I was younger, but I think I'll share it another time though. Anyway, today is St. Patrick's Day, so happy St. Patty's Day to everybody, Irish or not. I should have played the lottery and picked 317 as my number. I'm lazy too today, I don't have on my green. I remember when I was in Catholic high school, we always wore something green to school to honor St. Patrick's Day because everybody was Irish that day. Well, back to hair, I still am looking for a product that will tame my hair whenever I want to set it 'and forget it'. I used one product that I thought was just dreadful. I can't even remember the name of the product, but it was to set your hair nevertheless. This product smelled awful and was flaky and didn't live up to its promises on the bottle. Whenever I find the product I will update this post with the name of the product. I'm not an expert on products, but I will say if I like a product or dislike one. I had high hopes for this product and thought it would work, but it didn't. When I took my hair out, it was a mess. A ridiculous mess. I wasted my time and my money. There has to be some good products out there for setting natural hair that don't make the hair look like a jherri curl. I know some people like those types of products that they apply to the hair to make "curls" and it's all good, just not too good for what I have in mind for how I'd like my hair to look.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Gentlemen's Quarterly

I've talked a lot on this blog about hair and other things, but haven' discussed the guys. Lord knows I do love you all and haven't forgotten any of you. A well groomed man is something to fatten up a woman's eyes. Being well dressed doesn't hurt either. I always did like a man in a suit with some nice shoes. Casual clothes are good too, but a man in a suit always makes me do a double take. Hubba Hubba, bowing down to the suited gentleman. I don't know if it was the fact that growing up I always saw guys in suits as mysterious or something. I remember when I was a teenager I used to be in a club. Clubs back in the day were the thing. Me and my club sisters always liked to go clubbing with other clubs and my club even gave some dances too. We also had a brother club and the guys were always dressed pretty nice for teenagers. They used to wear gabardine, silken wools, nice shirts and SHOES. Not sneex mind you, and these were teenage boys around 15, 16 & 17. They used to wear Kangol caps too, and that's when they weren't even that popular. I still can remember seeing the guys walking around looking nice and dressed nice. I remember two of the guys who had red Kangol caps and us sisters used to call them the red cap duet. They used to get mad at us for calling them that. What happened to young men like this?? Now I'm not stupid and I know young guys like to be comfortable and the like, and express themselves with their clothing, and I don't have a problem with that, but they should sometimes make an effort to dress up once in a while. I know back in the day when my mother took us kids in town to Center City we had to have on dresses and patent leather shoes and nice socks and gloves. Whatever happened to all that? Our hair was neatly combed and we had to be on our p's & q's. We had to act like little ladies because my mother wouldn't stand for nothing less than that. God rest her soul, that woman is a saint I tell you. I know she would be turning in her grave if she saw me wearing sneex, which I wear all the time for comfort, since I once tore tendons in my foot and still have some problems. My mother didn't own a pair of sneakers and didn't own pants either. Anyway, I'm still paying homage to a suited man and a some muscles doesn't hurt either. Sexy, Sexy. Damn! Woo Hoo! Smacking my lips on hickory chips...That's me being a little cuckoo. See what you suited gentlemen do to me?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hair Color & Coloring

Hair color is something you get from mom and dad. In other words its hereditary. I have naturally dark hair(darkest brown) but have colored my hair throughout the years. It lightens up a little bit in the summer months and I like that too. I used to use Clairol Ultra Blue hair dye back in the day because that was the in thing among my friends in school etc. This particular hair dye was supposed to lighten the hair to a blond shade that then could be further manipulated with a tint to get the color you desired. I always kept a box of this dye around. I would lighten my hair in strategic places since that was the style then. I then went on to discover Henna. This was supposed to be a natural type hair colorant that was beneficial to the hair. I used henna a few times, but didn't find it that great. It used to come in either a box or tin can. It was a powder and you mixed in water to get a paste you then were supposed to apply to your hair. I tried both types, box and can and the results were the same, so so. The color was okay, but I never did see where the conditioning part came in. It was sloppy to use and you had to leave it in your hair for a good while if you wanted to really see the color. The colors were usually darker to red colors. I used to get the brown tones and they didn't make much difference in my hair color as far as I was concerned. When mixed it looked like a bowl of soft mud. It didn't have any unusual smell to it though. You gloped in your head and waited and then was supposed to have nice highlights. I found that it usually dried out my hair a lot, because at the time I was relaxing my hair. People still use this and swear by it. I also heard that beets are good for tinting the hair too. I color the little gray I have in my hair from time to time. I used to let it stay and then got tired of it and began to color it. Most of my gray hairs are towards the front of my hair, on the hairline. Look, I didn't start the movement of dying gray hair I just go along with the program. Gray hair looks awesome on some people. I have seen many women and men with a full head of gray hair that look wonderful. I find I don't look as good with gray hair because I have a somewhat youthful face and it doesn't go good with a lot of gray hair. I sometimes use a color stick, which is great when you're in a hurry and didn't have the time to color the gray. There are all types of hair dyes on the market and they all work pretty good. I one time bought jet black hair dye and colored my entire head of hair. I was washing black soot out of my hair for the longest time. Every time I washed my hair, more dye was released. It was a mess. I promised myself I would never do that again. That dye was a semi-permanent type dye and I thought I looked ridiculous with jet black hair. I like my jet brown hair better. Nowadays when I want color to my hair, I buy a wig. I can change it in a snap if I happen to not like it. I have posted photos of Jennifer Lopez & Star Jones Reynolds above because they have what I believe is beautifully colored hair. Both of these women show how to wear a lighter hair color that compliments their style and skin tones. Nuff said.

Natural Eyebrows vs Arched Eyebrows

I am always forever plucking my eyebrows. I like doing this because I like my eyebrows to be perfectly arched at all times. If I could, I'd pluck them everyday. I was plucking them yesterday while holed up doing jury duty and I got quite a few looks while I plucked away. There's nothing mystical about plucking eyebrows or anything else for that matter. I sometimes pluck a wayward facial hair from time to time also. I'll get one really long ugly squiggly hair on my chin every so often and I got to get rid of it. I used to have very thick uneven eyebrows when I was younger and didn't know what to do with it. I take that from my very hairy grandfather, whose eyebrows looked like you could comb them. I recall one time long ago when I was around 15 or 16 years of age and I was outside talking with a good friend of mine and she looked up at my eyebrows and frowned. She went on to ask me why did I shave my eyebrows the way I did. I didn't shave them at all because that's just the way they grew in, wild, untamed and uneven. I think this friend of mine made me want to have nice eyebrows. We were always good buddies in school and also at home. I saw this person about two years ago and we talked for a long time and I gave her my number, but she never got back to me. She was always a nice person to me and I like her to this very day. Hope to see her again soon. Anyway I think she kind of inspired me to think about my eyebrows and to this very day I pluck away. I love plucking other people's eyebrows too you know. Man, woman, come one, come all and I'll pluck your eyebrows for you. Ha Ha. I even convinced my daughter to let me pluck her eyebrows one time. I had been eying her very thick eyebrows forever and wanted to pluck them for her badly. She was very afraid to have them plucked and wouldn't let me do them for the longest time. I begged and begged for a few years until finally she allowed me one time to pluck them. Well, she was so impressed with the look that she is a devoted "plucker" like me. Hell, her eyebrows look better than mine! I have converted a few people to plucking their eyebrows to clean them up and let them look nicer. That initial fear of pain soon is replaced with wanting to have the eyebrows looking good. I started shaving my eyebrows with a straight razor for the longest time because I was a bit frightened of the pain that plucking would cause. My oldest sister was also a devoted "plucker" and one day she came to see the family and noticed my very shaved up looking eyebrows and told me that I should pluck out the hairs instead of shaving because I might permanently damage the area around the eyebrows with frequent shaving. I didn't listen to her right away and continued shaving my eyebrows for some time until one day I was looking in the mirror after washing my face and the area around my eyebrows looked like it was covered with fine sand. After my face dried the area looked plain awful, like I had used a grater on the area. There were little bumps and nicks and the like and I got scared and decided to give in and start to pluck them instead of shaving them. I let my eyebrows grow in completely and waited a few more weeks for the area to heal completely. There was some pain, but after I finished and and redness went away I was blown away. I really liked the look and have been happily plucking away for years now. I sometimes over pluck and have to wait for them to grow back in and then repluck to get the look that I want. Thick eyebrows are fine for men, but in my opinion, not a good thing for the ladies. Clean up your eyebrows ladies and instantly your face will look a little better.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Some Do's & Dont's

I always had a healthy interest into hair and anything that would create healthier hair, skin or nails, since these three things are what people see first when they meet or see you. I have a particular interest in skincare because so many people, both women and men, are putting so many things on and into their skin. The Botox craze has me continually puzzled. It costs a bundle and nobody really knows the long term risks of using this sort of thing. Also, the way a person looks when they have just gotten an injection of botox is very odd looking. Their faces look puffy and unnatural. Sometimes I will be watching a television program only to see someone I haven't seen in a while up on the screen and immediately I'm wondering why they look so different. I guess to each his own. I realize that in this youth driven society, people will do whatever it takes to keep their youthful looks and figures. Now I'm from the old school advice that I received from my mother to always look good, but don't believe I am ready to buy into the botox craze. You know my mother always wore a little makeup at all times. She always used to tell me that you never know who you are going to see when you go out. She would say that you might just see somebody you haven't seen in a while and you don't want to look bad. Even in her later years, she was concerned with how she looked. She was an incredible person. Anyway, I never leave the house without lipstick. I can pass on the other stuff like foundation, powder, mascara and blush, but not on lipstick. I feel naked without a little something on my mouth. I try out all kinds of lipsticks all the time and currently am liking a nice red shade that I recently bought. I never liked red lipstick or nail polish, but wear it occasionally now. I once got a make over at one of the counters at Macy's some time back and didn't like what I saw. The lady gave me some tips on what colors that would suit my skin tone, but I didn't like the way I looked with a full face of makeup. I love the Chanel makeup counter at Macy's and always stop by to see what they have new. I used to use a facial cream that worked like a charm from Chanel, but I think it's discontinued now. The last time I cruised the Chanel counter a very nice lady there gave me some samples of the products and gave me an invitation to show they were having, but work schedules did not allow me to attend and I'm sorry I couldn't go. I like makeup and need to learn how to apply it correctly. I remember one time I applied some makeup to my face thinking I had it down pat because I had read an article in a magazine showing how to apply makeup. I have the photo of that makeup job and will one day post it. I looked like Bozo the Clown. Ha Ha. I was way to heavy handed with the blush and eye shadow. Funny funny is all I say about how I looked and maybe that's why I don't use a lot of makeup today. I've posted a photo of Bozo the Clown above so you can see how I thought I looked.

When Will Hair Haters Learn?

I honestly would like to know when hair haters will give it a rest. I guess never. Seems like a few hair haters have all the time in the world to be on the internet and wreak havoc on sites and all. I don't know what they get from their actions, but they are to be pitied. Anytime you find someone who is so disgruntled with themselves and their family and friends etc. that it hits to the core of who they are, you get a hater. I have always wondered why some people are this way. Maybe it's a way of calming their own fears and anxieties that make them want to do underhanded things like put up fake hair websites with the hopes that people will flock to their convoluted websites so that they can show just how infantile they really are. I know people who are so infantile and who hate themselves so much that they are always putting things up on the net for shock value. Instead of getting the help they so desperately need, they instead are hate filled mongers. The truth is that hate stems from fear. Sometimes if we as people would take a look at ourselves and really have some sort of introspective thoughts about ourselves and our lives, the world would turn on it's axis the way God intended it to. Hating someone accomplishes NOTHING. The only thing that hate creates in someone from my opinion is a person who is sad, lonely and pathetic. I know people like this. A trip to your local church for a good confession might help some. Negative thoughts and hate will never produce the results you think they will. Hate will ultimately destroy the one who hates. This is something that came to mind and I thought I would share it with my readers.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Would We Be Withouth Hair?

Here are representations of all types of hair since I am hoping all types of people will read my blog. Hair is an interesting topic indeed because it brings out a range of emotions in people. I remember as a child when one of my sisters had a vest that had hanging fringe on it and me playing around with it and acting like it was my hair. I would put it on my head and swing it around and pretend I was singing on stage. That was the good old days. I don't understand why hair is so important, but when I think about it I know its important. I remember many times trying new relaxers back in the day and them burning my hair out until only a few strands of over processed hair was left on my head. I even went to a beauty shop and had my hair relaxed a few times. One time I went to an older Black lady who probably was more familiar with using a hot comb as opposed to chemicals to straighten hair. If I can remember correctly I think she used the new relaxer that had just come out that claimed that you didn't have to "smooth" the hair and get beautiful results. I think it was called French Perm by Revlon. She put the relaxer in my hair and was assuring me that my hair was going to be looking so nice and I believed her. She didn't smooth the relaxer and washed it out of my hair and then blow dried my hair afterwards. The whole time I was thinking that she should have smoothed my hair since my hair was resistant and coarse. She gave me a mirror to look at my hair after she had relaxed it and I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't say anything to her and left. When I got home I looked at my hair in the mirror under a good light and it was the same way before it was relaxed, tightly coiled and nappy. I was beside myself. I paid her $30 dollars and this is what I got? The next day I went to the BSS (beauty supply store) and bought my usual relaxer and re-relaxed the mess she left and my hair promptly fell out. I'll never forget that. See, hair woes again. I had bald spots on my hair and was so disappointed that I wore a wig until my hair grew back in. The reason I posted the different photos above is to say that hair is beautiful no matter what type, thickness, etc. you have. For us women, hair is our crowning glory. I don't know of a woman or man for that matter, who doesn't fret frequently about their hair. To think that something dead could garner so much pressure is unbelievable. I didn't invent the love of hair or hairstyles, but I do play the game. In my opinion, people should love their hair no matter what type of hair they have. To me "good" hair is hair that is properly conditioned and looks good. Good meaning it doesn't have a lot of split ends and is clean and conditioned properly.

Can I Get A Wittness

I'm wondering can I get a shout out from the peanut gallery concerning shrinking hair? There are people who do not have this problem. I will stretch my hair and it's long and when I wash it, it looks like a pulled in Slinky(photo to the left). I guess people know what a Slinky is, but if you don't: (you know I'm gonna tell you) A slinky was an old time toy that I had as a youngster. It's made out of metal and coiled tightly and you can make it do tricks and so on. Here's a story for you: I remember when I was younger wanting a Slinky so bad. When my mother finally relented and bought this contraption for me guess what?? I thought I was going to re-invent that Slinky and make it do things nobody else could make it do and I completely twisted it up. You should have seen that Slinky and what I did to it. It was twisted, mangled and looked like a crazy person had used it. I was devistated about ruining my new Slinky. Ha Ha. I still think about that Slinky from time to time. I think I'm going to get me a new Slinky one of these days because it's a great toy. Well, back to hair, what I was trying to say is the shrinkability of tightly coiled hair can be a problem when you are trying to achieve certain styles. I'm going to post a photo of my freshly washed hair looking like a dozen Slinkys. I knew someone who did not have hair that shrank and I couldn't believe this woman's hair. When she washed her hair it just stayed the way it was before she washed it. She had a baby fine texture and it just stayed out and didn't shrink. I'm going to invent a product that when you wash your hair it doesn't shrink. Well, good luck to me. There are numerous products on the market that are supposed to "tame" unruly and tightly coiled hair, but none of them really seem to work. I have so many things that I have tried and been disappointed with. These products only coat the hair and make you believe that they are improving the condition of your hair. I probably could retire on the money that I have spent on products that did not work or worked minimally. Well, I keep looking for good products for my hair and will continue to do so until I find what works and keeps working.

My New Wig

I bought a new nice wig last week, but haven't worn it yet. It's a really hot looking wig. It is a lighter color wig than I usually wear and I'm going to be kicking it live with this one. Hope the haters don't come out in droves when I wear this wig. You know I see so many types of wigs being worn by women and that's a good thing. It used to be that haters were waiting for you when you wore a wig. I was watching an episode of one of the court shows on television the other day and saw an interesting case. There was a woman who said she had bought one of those lace front wigs from a lady who didn't deliver on the wig she thought she was going to get. The judge went on to ask the woman being accused of giving the defendant a wig she didn't order, about the "wig". The defendant insisted that she referred to the wig as a "hair system." What? Hair system? Oh, I see. When people in Hollywood wear these "wigs" they are not really wigs, they're "hair systems." The last time I checked, anything on your head that is supposed to be hair and is a full cap and is not growing out of your scalp IS a wig. Call it for what it is. I would like to know how wigs came about. I believe that even in ancient times women wore wigs. Ancient Egyptian wall paintings show women in what appears to be wigs. Wigs have always been a part of history if you think about it. Even early presidents wore powdered wigs. In England, even today, judges still wear wigs. Like I said in a previous post I always wore wigs and didn't care what anybody thought about it. I had some ridiculous wigs throughout the years too. I bought this one wig one time that was sort of an auburn & strawberry blond mix and decided to wear it out one day. I knew I was so fine in this particular wig. My daughter broke my bubble big time when she came home from work and said "Hi Tina!" What?? She had the nerve to say my wig looked like Tina Turner, and then went on to sing her rendition of Proud Mary. She made me so mad that I didn't even know what I was saying as I started to give her a few choice words. It makes me laugh when I remember that day. I have always been interested in different color wigs, but never seem to find one that compliments my skin tone that is on the lighter side. Maybe I'll have to become rich and then I can have my wigs custom made like Beyonce and the other women in Hollywood.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hair Typing Woes

After my last post I am putting up this one concerning hair typing and why some people are so overly concerned with hair typing and hair typing systems. I just got finished reading some posts on concerning hair typing and thought I would put my two cents in on my own blog. Some people posted comments that said that some people do not know what type of hair they have etc. All heads have multiple hair types and the majority of people have a few different hair types on their heads. I was a bit perplexed to read some of the posts from people who said that people try to "upgrade" the texture of their hair or that they have a different type of hair than what their photo looks like. Who cares?? Hair typing systems are only as an index so you have somewhere to start from to get helpful information to style your hair. Just like it's impossible to count every strand on your head, it's probably almost impossible to exactly type your hair correctly. Other than going to an experienced hair stylist who is educated in hair types, the only way anyone can type their hair is to look at other people's photographs and their self stated hair types and compare your hair to theirs to try to figure out what type of hair you have. If someone believes they have a hair type and you view a photo of their hair and you happen to disagree with the type of hair they say they have, what do you gain from that?? Nothing. Now I wasn't born yesterday and I know that some people will try to "upgrade", that is say they have type 3 hair when in reality they have type 4, but so what? Hair has always been a hot bed of conversation for a long time and probably will be for years to come. As far as I'm concerned, unless you are right there with the person and you can closely examine their hair there is no way you can tell accurately what type of hair someone has. In addition to the type of hair you have to take into consideration the thickness and texture also. There are many people with 4A/B/C type hair who have a baby fine texture and their hair will appear to be more "curly" or "wavy" looking than someone with a thicker or more coarse texture. I have personally cornrowed the hair of a guy who had what appeared to be "good" hair only to have the hardest time trying to cornrown his hair because it was so thick and coarse. I would estimate that he had type 3b/3c hair just looking at it, but it was very very coarse and unruly and difficult to handle. There are people all over the internet who are very concerned with hair, but only in a negative type way. They may have a little curl or wave pattern to their hair, and they believe that if your hair isn't as "nice" as theirs, then something is wrong with your hair. I remember when I was younger having a neighbor hate on my hair because I didn't have the same texture of hair like one of my sister's. I bet that person is reading this blog right now! Hate on hater. My sister has baby fine wavy type hair and me on the other hand have coarse kinky type hair. And what?? This hater had the nerve to tell me I didn't have hair like my sister. SO?????? Well, this hater didn't either! This hater was trying to hate on my hair when the hater's hair was more nappy than mine! Now that's really stupid. I never told anybody that I had my sister's hair. This particular hater was always jealous and envious of me and my family and is to this very day! I bet that same hater and some family members still are using "creamy crack" (relaxers) while they hate on everybody's hair. I personally know people who talk through both sides of their mouths. They will talk a good game about the beauty of natural hair and being Black and so forth, only to get up on their soapbox to crow about their curls & waves, as if the fact that they have what is known in the Black community as "good hair" makes them something they are not. You'll see them with a truckload of Dippity Do on their hair, knowing well they were in that mirror for a whole hour brushing their hair back to slick it down. Don't be a hypocrite. Hair has always and always will be individual. Anyone who wishes to alter their hair to please anyone other than themselves, I feel sorry for. If you are happy with your texture, style, type of hair then that is all that should matter. There will always be people who do not like your hair or hairstyle, but that's their problem and not yours. It's very easy to point the finger at someone and ruminate about their hair, whether you like it or you don't. But at the end of the day it's still your hair and not anyone else's.

4A-4C Tightly Coiled Hair Information

Here is some general information for types 4A thru 4C hair. My hair I believe, is a mixture of 4A, 4B & 3C. The front, crown and middle perimeter of my hair is 4B & 4A. The nape & the sides are 3C. After washing my hair it is tightly coiled and shrunken. I use a lot of conditioner when I conditioner wash because my hair is thick. I comb out my hair in the shower when it it full of conditioner to cut down on damage and hair loss. I use a wide tooth comb to comb out tangles in the shower. I try not to sweat too much about the amount of hair in the comb because sometimes my hair has been braided for a few days before taking it down for a shampoo and conditioner and I know more hair is going to be in the comb if I haven't combed it for a few days. If you want to know more about shed hair in your brush or comb you can pull a few hairs out of either your comb or brush and examine them closely. If you see a little white bulb on the end of the hair strand, then that is natural shedding of your hair and not breakage. What you have to look out for is a lot of short pieces of hair without the white bulb on the end when you comb or brush because that could indicate breakage. And do not be fooled into thinking that because your hair is natural that you will not have breakage. That's a fallacy, that natural hair doesn't break off. If you do start to notice more breakage than usual, then check out what you have been applying to your hair and how you have been handling your hair. You may need to change up your hair routine some to stop breakage. You may need a good trimming of ends also. As I have said before, hair grows differently on each head. Some people have fast hair growth and some slow. How and when you decide to trim your hair depends on the growth and whether you have a lot of split ends and/or damage to your hair. How I trim my hair is I usually twist and trim. I will twist my hair and trim each twist when I finish the twist. has some good information on Type 4 hair.

More Good Products & Cheapies

I should have posted about this product before but didn't so now I will. I find White Rain products to be good and cheap. I don't use the shampoos, but I do use the conditioners. I have two different conditioners by White Rain and like them both. In a pinch I used the Ocean Mist conditioner on my hair as a leave-in type conditioner and it worked good. I also use the Energizing Citrus to conditioner wash from time to time. I rotate my conditioners that I use to conditioner wash and do general conditioning to my hair. If you like a lot of smell to your hair after conditioning, then this brand of conditioner delivers. The Ocean Mist is quite perfumey and the smell lasts a while. The only problem I sometimes have with using conditioners as leave-ins is sometimes they make my scalp itch or I find that I'm allergic to them. After using the Ocean Mist my hair felt nicely conditioned and moisturized. There are no 'cones' (silicone) in these two conditioners, but they do have some herbal extracts like seaweed, chamomile & aloe extracts in the Ocean Mist. I don't feel like I'm throwing money down the drain when I use White Rain products because they are so inexpensive.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Something For Your Funny Bone

From time to time I'm going to include something funny on my blog like a funny clip or whatever I can find funny on the net. Here is something funny from one of the funniest shows on TV, Crank Yankers. Enjoy. NOTE: This video is available. Press on big arrow to see video)

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

One of my favorite things to put on my hair is EVOO. I got that name from one of my favorite people in the world, Rachel Ray. I just love her. She can cook on a shoestring and quickly. I know, I know, this is supposed to be a blog about hair, but from time to time I'll put up other things for entertainment or informational purposes. I like to cook and always wished I could cook. I sure try to from time to time. I can eat my own cooking and that's half the battle. Anyway, extra virgin olive oil is one of the best things on the market both for cooking and for the hair. I buy it by the gallon cans. I get the ones imported from Italy that are first cold pressed. All olive oils are not created equal. When I go to the supermarket and see some of the stuff on the shelves in the olive oil aisle my head is spinning. They have all types of olive oil out there. If you cook with olive oil and buy a bottle of first cold pressed virgin oil, you're going to taste the difference right away. Your hair is going to "taste" the difference also. You don't need to use a lot of olive oil on your hair either for good results. I have thick hair and usually use about two quarter sized dollops of olive oil on my hair. It's relatively cheaper that some of the very expensive conditioners on the market that do not work on hair anyway. I sometimes cruise the shampoo/conditioner aisles in stores and look at the products they offer and see more of the same all the time. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Scarves, Do Rags ,Stocking Caps & Grease

Everybody with natural kinky hair probably have all of these things in their possession. I have them all and use them all. Scarves don't stay on my head at night while I'm sleeping. They come off and I'm always half putting them back on in the middle of the night. I hate that. I have been using stocking caps on my head at night. They work better than scarves and even the dreaded do rag. I got one, so what? I love my do rag. It come in handy for a lot of things. I sometimes wear it to bed, (it comes off too) and also use it when I want a more polished look when I pull back my hair. I wear my scarves when I have my hair braided up around the house. Do rags are traditionally worn by Brothers when they want to have that "waved" look to their hair. I think it looks nice. This talk of do rags etc. brings back a memory of one time when someone told me to try out one of those pomades marketed to Black men, on my hair. The directions on the can says to wet a rag with hot water and put on the hair, then put on the pomade and then brush hair in desired style. Well I tried this stuff and ended up with a greasy mess. My hair stunk and looked awful using that pomade. I still don't know why this stuff is even still sold. It's the hardest type of grease known to man. My hair looked like I had blow dried one of those old type of plastic rain things that us ladies used to wear back in the day right onto my hair. Now I know some of y'all remember those things. It folded up like an accordion and had plastic strings that you were supposed to tie underneath your chin to keep the rain thingy in place. Ha ha. Stupid thing! I tell you I need photos of this stuff because I know that anybody reading this should remember how silly women looked wearing those things. My mother used to make me wear these things when it rained and I hated it. Anyway, that's how that pomade made my hair look. My hair looked like it had a light coating on snow on top of it. I never saw anything like it ever. So ugly. The newer pomades are a bit lighter and probably were not like the one I tried. And the grease that I used to use, I tell you stupid. They still sell them in the stores even today. Some like: Dixie Peach, My Knight, Marcel Curling Wax, Bergamot (I used to actually like this stuff). Here is a story about Bergamot: One time when I was younger, around 9 or 10 years old I would guess, and I was going to camp and wanted my bangs to look nice, I put a whole scoop of bergamot on my bangs and off I went. Them bangs looked so nice, but I didn't put the grease on the rest of my hair. I had the nicest looking bangs and the rest of my hair looked like I had been in a tornado. I still remember that. And then I remember one time when I was young, a lady had a good laugh about my hair. See, always people hating. She called me over to her and asked me who did my hair. I was all proud thinking she thought my hair looked nice, since I had did it myself. I was very independent as a child and didn't want anyone doing my hair so I used to do it myself. I told this hater that I did it all by myself and she looked at my hair and began to laugh so loud other kids came to see why she was laughing. I'm laughing as I type this up because it's funny now when I think back on it, but how juvenile of a grownup to make fun of a child. She had a good laugh then, but I bet if I saw her now, I'd probably be the one laughing. She was short, ugly and wore glasses and probably thought she was so fine. Hair haters is what I call them. Then there were various neighborhood kids that used to laugh at my hairstyles, only to copy them a few days later! Such hair haters. It didn't bother me then and it doesn't now. I just keep trucking while the hair haters hate. You know what, it will be 30 years from now, and the hair haters are going to be still hating, still doing the same stuff like the previous years, NOTHING. I've put up a photo of what I believe the hater who laughed at my hair as a youngster probably looks like today above. Enjoy! Ha ha. Now I'm laughing.

Cheap Conditioners & Conditioner Washes

I have a lot of conditioners that I use on my hair and none of them are all that spectacular. Some of them have become conditioner washes for me when I tire of using them to condition my hair. I sometimes use Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner to conditioner wash my hair. Some women rave about this particular conditioner on many websites so I decided to try it. It's an okay conditioner in my opinion. When I conditioner wash my hair with it I don't see anything that I can write home about. It works, but nothing special about it. I do happen to like the Nexxus line of shampoos and conditioners though. They are pricey and I don't use the conditioner I have to conditioner wash my hair. I used to use Nexxus products when I had relaxed hair and they worked fine then and now. I got a special price of $25 for both the shampoo and conditioner and they are the liter sized bottles! Any trip to your neighborhood BSS to price Nexxus products and you will realize that twenty five dollars for two bottles of the liter size is a real bargain. I do not like to use a lot of shampoo on my hair even when I shampoo, but sometimes that isn't possible since I have thick hair. My hair drinks up whatever I apply to it. I didn't know anything about conditioner washing my hair before looking at the websites on the net. I usually look at for good ideas on natural hair care. That's a good website. When I conditioner wash my hair I use a lot of conditioner, so it's in my best interest to find cheap and effective conditioners to do this. So far all of them are mediocre at best. When I read the ingredients on them, all of them have about the same things in them: Water, a lot of chemicals and fragrance. I do happen to like a little silicone in my conditioners even though a lot of web pages and sites frown on using silicone on natural kinky type hair. I believe whatever works you have to use. I don't find silicone particularly damaging to my hair. It makes my hair a little smoother when I'm combing it after washing. One line of shampoos and conditioners I don't particularly care for is VO5. I have tried this line many times and always end up with super itchy hair. They have good products, but they don't agree with my hair. I tried the tea tree conditioner and liked it a lot. The smell was nice and it left my hair feeling good until the next day when I couldn't stop scratching my scalp. No more VO5 for me.