Monday, September 15, 2008

Shea Butter As A Hair Conditioner

Recently I bought some African shea butter at a festival down at Penns Landing that I thought I'd put something up about. The gentleman I bought it from said that it was all natural, so I plunked down $10 for it. So far it's a good conditioner, but the only thing that I don't happen to like about it is that it causes the hair to shrink a lot, especially in humid type weather. It also builds up on the scalp with regular use and I had to really shampoo my hair a few times to get it out of my hair. I think I'm going to mostly use this on the ends of my hair and not too much on my hair because of the build up problem and the tendency for the hair to attract a lot of lint if you are heavy handed with this. I know that some people on the Net swear by shea butter for their hair and it is a good product for your hair, but for all the people that like to CW (conditioner wash) their hair, should probably use it sparingly because you'll have to use shampoo to get it out of your hair. Anyway, I've posted a photo of what the tub of shea I bought looks like if you'd like to try some of this.