Sunday, April 8, 2012

Big Thank You

This is a big thank you to all who have viewed my blog and/or commented! I hope I can help all naturals better understand their hair and to appreciate it a little more. Handling natural hair can sometimes be challenging, but in the long run, natural hair can work positively, if you get to know your particular type of hair and what works best for it. I hope in the near future to put up more information that can be useful to all the "nappies" of the world. I still have natural hair, meaning I do not use any type chemicals to alter the structure of my God given hair. I also do not use any type of heat on my hair and am still on the journey of discovering how to love my particular head of hair and treat it with great care.

Happy Easter to all and hope the rest of your year is full of God's good graces and blessings. Take care and check back for more information and check out my three videos on Youtube. Please subscribe and comment! Also, if there is any kind of video anyone who reads these posts would like me to put on Youtube, please don't hesitate to either email me or comment on this blog and I will try to honor that request.

In closing, One Love Under God!

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