Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Comment On Something I Read

'4 Little Details Men Notice About Women'

Here's something I read on the Yahoo page that I thought I would post a comment on.
Someone wrote about the things that guys (4 little details) notice about women.

Below is a condensed version of the article.

Hands:daintiness, complexion, how they look holding a wine glass, whether they are manicured.

Hair: doing simple actions provoking powerful emotions (hair blowing in the wind) giving a man a good mood.

Attitude Towards Others: how she treats others ie. nicely respectfully.

What She Notices: someone who can laugh at and notice little things, and who always brings new insights to different situations.

Firstly, as for hands, I have big hands (nothing that dainty about them). As for the complexion, the writer didn't say what they meant by complexion, eg. light, dark, tanned, porcelain like. I don't know because the writer didn't elaborate on it.

Now about the hair blowing in the wind...Come on, don't men know that we women don't like our hair blowing in the wind? You spend all day getting your hair just right, perfectly coiffed, all hair sprayed up, with finishing spray to boot. And then it happens. The big swoosh of wind that dismantles the entire hairstyle. So maybe you guys should rethink that blowing hair in the wind stuff. And how could someones hair blowing in the wind evoke such a strong emotion that could change a man's mood anyways? All I know is us sisters don't usually have that "blowing" type of hair unless it's got a relaxer in it and mine doesn't have a relaxer and I don't believe it could blow in the wind. he he

Now as for attitudes of women, and how they treat other people whether 'nicely' 'respectfully' etc. I try to treat people with respect and I believe that's a good thing. So I agree with this one.

What a woman notices is also a biggie for me. I notice things about people, but don't dwell on it. I might give a little sly remark about things I notice about people and like a guy that can appreciate my brand of humor.

Now a word for the gentlemen of the world since the aforementioned writer of the article asks: What is a little thing (appearance, moment or personality)that you notice in a guy that is a simple, beautiful thing?

Here are some things that we women do notice in you guys: height, hair, well dressed/groomed or not, roving eye or not, chivalry and how they smell.

Me personally, I am attracted to a well groomed guy, meaning, his hair is neat and not wild looking. Someone who dresses well (love, love suits), and I don't quite care what type of clothes a man wishes to wear as long as it's fitting him good. nothing more sexy for me that seeing a man in a nice polo type shirt and a nice pair of slacks & shoes without socks (sexy sexy). A guy who listens to his woman and who realizes that we women are hormonal, meaning we do get our times, and who can still see beauty in us when we act a fool, is the kind of guy that, in my pinion, is ideal. Men should also realize that some women are simple and appreciate the simple things in life and are low maintenance and then there are some women who are high maintenance and like to have everything done, but that's only one's personal preference, and either way it's all good. My hair won't be blowing in the wind anytime soon and my nails may not be manicured to perfection all the time and I'm not always 'nice' he he (you can tell this by some of my posts). I can hold a wine glass and swig wine like a guy if I want to, even though I'm not really a drinker, or I can drink a soda and be fine. It's about time we women and you men did try to understand each other a bit more and not place so much emphasis on things we read about on how someone should be or act and pay more attention to our own feeling about a particular person and try to enjoy the good aspects as well as the not so good aspects of that person.

In closing, both women and men should 'notice' what's on the inside as well as what's on the outside. We should also 'notice' whether someone is being authentic or if they're being what you or someone else wants them to be. Some simple and beautiful things that we should notice is how we feel around someone, how they react to us, and how the dynamics feel when we are just letting loose and being ourselves are all simple things that we can notice about someone.