Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two New Products

I just bought two new products a few days ago, so I decided to post about them because I like both. I got Extreme Curling Gel & Press -n Curl Wax, both by Lottabody. I tried both of these products and like them. Even though the gel is a gel to create curls, I like curling type gels because they have more slip to them and always seem to hold my hair better. Now as for the Press -n Curl Wax, this product has petrolatum & parabens, two things that are not that good for your hair. The smell is nice and I didn't find the curl wax to be either too stiff or too greasy. I mostly will use the curling wax around the edges of my hair when I pull my hair back to keep the hair down. The gel was very slippery, which I like, and didn't dry too quickly before I could properly brush down my hair. This is what the products claim:

Press -n Curl Wax
* Temporarily straighten coarse hair (with a blow dryer).
* Use as daily maintenance to smooth stray hairs.
* Use as a wax for twists and locs.
* Even coarse hair remains straight on the most humid days.

Extreme Curling Gel
* Eliminate frizz and enhance curls while conditioning, moisturizing
and adding shine.
* A must for anyone with tight curls and coarse hair.

These two products were cheap and you get a good size for both of them. I'll use them for a while and then post an update on the bottom of this post.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Hair

This is a photo of my freshly washed hair with no product on my hair (bottom photo). I conditioner washed my hair and then applied another conditioner and rinsed out my hair and this is how it looks after I finished. After I did the conditioner wash I decided to twist my hair up and I did just that (top photo). I used ORS Twist & Loc Gel *(the one with the coconut milk in it). I like the product but the only thing I don't like about it is that it made my hair stiff and tacky feeling after I removed the twists a week later. I also used ORS carrot oil, which I had not used in a while and now I know why I didn't. It caused my scalp to itch a lot and I was allergic to it. I'm going to try something a little different the next time I decide to twist my hair because when I remove my twists I don't like my hair to be dry, stiff or not feeling moisturized. After about two days with the twists I did put olive oil on each twist so that my hair wouldn't be too dry, but it didn't seem to help as much because the twist gel was way too stiff. I don't think that I would purchase the twist gel again when I'm done with it. I don't know if maybe I used a little too much of it since my hair is thick. Anyway, next time I'll use it more sparingly and see if I get better results.

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Two Babies

I recently purchased two things that were on my wish list of some things I have wanted to get. I got two new combs from Sally Beauty Supply and I'm liking them both a whole lot. The first one (first pic) is the detangler comb & the second one is a wide toothed comb. These are two dynamite combs that work and get the tangles out of your hair with the least loss of hair. What I did was after conditioner washing, I combed my hair using the detangler comb in the shower with a full head of conditioner. It's always best to detangle your hair in the shower with a good amount of conditioner on your hair, since wet hair can be quite fragile, but with the conditioner on it and using careful strokes of a good detangler comb, you'll save more of your strands. As you know, kinky natural hair has a tendency to knot up and tangle easy and should be carefully handled wet or dry. I do comb my hair dry and I know I shouldn't, but sometimes you have to. I take my time though when combing my hair dry and always put oil on it before doing so. Anyway, in closing, happy mother's day to all the mother's everywhere and to my future mother-in-law. Cuckoo time...Happy happy joy joy, whoo whoo hoo hoo, spinning & twirling, eyes floating to the back of my head looking at my man. Whew! Why the he** did he have to be so damn fine???