Saturday, May 31, 2008

Two New Products

I just bought two new products a few days ago, so I decided to post about them because I like both. I got Extreme Curling Gel & Press -n Curl Wax, both by Lottabody. I tried both of these products and like them. Even though the gel is a gel to create curls, I like curling type gels because they have more slip to them and always seem to hold my hair better. Now as for the Press -n Curl Wax, this product has petrolatum & parabens, two things that are not that good for your hair. The smell is nice and I didn't find the curl wax to be either too stiff or too greasy. I mostly will use the curling wax around the edges of my hair when I pull my hair back to keep the hair down. The gel was very slippery, which I like, and didn't dry too quickly before I could properly brush down my hair. This is what the products claim:

Press -n Curl Wax
* Temporarily straighten coarse hair (with a blow dryer).
* Use as daily maintenance to smooth stray hairs.
* Use as a wax for twists and locs.
* Even coarse hair remains straight on the most humid days.

Extreme Curling Gel
* Eliminate frizz and enhance curls while conditioning, moisturizing
and adding shine.
* A must for anyone with tight curls and coarse hair.

These two products were cheap and you get a good size for both of them. I'll use them for a while and then post an update on the bottom of this post.

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