Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heartfelt Thanks For Viewing My Blog

Thank you to all who have viewed this blog for great information on hair care and other stuff. Sorry I haven't been putting up more information, but I have some things that I'm currently working on to put up in the very near future. I have more comments on numerous products that I have tried and even some I've concocted my own self. My hair remains natural (without chemicals or heat straightening). I may one day try out some of the more popular heating implements eg. flat iron, to straighten my hair, but for right now I'm living and loving my natural hair. Yesterday I did some flat twists in the front and regular twists in the back of my hair and am posting a pic of the results of that. I am interested in starting maybe some tutorials on You Tube or maybe some photos of my hair and what I've been doing with it for the past three years, since I went all natural. It isn't super easy to deal with natural African American type 4A thru 4C type hair, but you can make it more manageable with diligent conditioning and paying attention to ends and trimming as necessary. I had someone ask a question about 4C type hair & I posted their question on here. I'm by no means an expert in hair, just a quasi expert with my own type of hair, which is all different all over my head. I have heard on different websites and pages of people referring to 4C type hair. We are more familiar with up to a 4B, which is coarse and frizzy type African American hair. I believe the 4C to be a bit more frizzy and coarse than the 4B. There are numerous websites with information about hair typing and you can visit these types of sites if you need additional information about hair typing. As I said, I'm no expert in hair, but I try to give out as much information as is readily available to myself and also from trial and error. I will in the near future have links to any other web pages that I create, especially You Tube and Fotki for your perusal and to give additional information on styling and caring for mostly 3C to 4C type hair. I love all types of hair and believe everyone should take pride in their own unique head of hair. I will never have hair down to my waist that can blow easily in the wind and I'll never have juicy, plumped up curly ringlets either, but I can work with what God deemed fit for me to the best of my ability. In closing love yourself and love the hair that God gave you and never think of anyone's hair as "better" than yours, but rather different than yours.

P.S. I couldn't get my camera to work to show the twists I have in today so I have posted two photos of twists I did a few weeks ago, with one photo showing some of the length of my very shrunken twists.