Friday, April 4, 2008

Dunkin's Got Nuthin on my "Donut"

As the summer months approach I usually like to have different hair styles to wear. A while ago I found some directions on how to make a hair "donut". Well, I tried it out and I made my own. A hair "donut" is a form you put on your hair after you make a ponytail so you can have a nice uniform bun. Buns are good for work or when you want or have to have a more professional type look to your natural hair. All hair types can use a "donut", just as all hair types can create a nice bun. So many times in the past when I used to hot comb straighten my hair, I used to try to make buns and always had an uneven or ratty looking bun. When you use something to hold the hair it always looks better. They sell "sponge donuts" at many beauty supply stores, but why settle for sponge, that can cut through your hair and damage it, when you can make your own. Below I'm going to give directions to make your own "donut" so when you want a nice bun you'll be ready to style it that way.

What you need: Two old socks or one sock and one stocking sock (which I use)

How to do it
1)Cut off feet of socks/stocking sock.(bottom photo)
2)Turn both inside out, so it's right side out when finished.
3)Put one sock inside the other. If using a sock & stocking sock, put stocking sock inside of regular sock.(middle photo)
4)Hold both socks with your thumb & fore finger and begin to tightly roll both from bottom to top.
5)When you reach the top tuck in ends and there you have it, you own "donut" (top photo)

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