Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Cutting Edge on Sponge Rollers

On my previous post I put up information about making your own hair "donut" to style your hair in a bun. I have seen the sponge type of hair "donuts" at Salley Beauty Supply store and almost purchased one of these. Now I'm glad that I didn't, seeing that I can now make my own and have any color that I choose to have. I used to use sponge rollers when I was younger and thought that they were everything. I recently was watching a news program on television and saw an older woman and she had the nerve to have one sole pink sponge roller in her hair. I was mortified and couldn't believe what I was seeing. How are you going to get yourself up on television and have a pink sponge roller in your hair?? I guess some things never change. I remember when I used to use those same pink sponge rollers and would use them until they had totally flattened out and would get a very tight curl because they were so old. Sponge type rollers are very damaging to the hair by the way they are made. If you look closely at a sponge roller you can see the sharp edges that make them up. It looks almost like a honeycomb up close. A honeycomb full of sharp edges ready to attack your delicate hair and break it off. At the time that I was using them I guess nobody noticed this and thought that they were okay to use on your hair. They even came out with black sponge rollers and you know I bought some of them too. I think that I still have some sponge rollers in my possession until this very day. I then later went on to purchase hard rollers, with the tiny little spikes on them to grip the hair tightly when you roll it up. I swore by these rollers too. They made a nice curl, but were difficult to sleep in at night. In my opinion these types of rollers should only be worn in the hair during the day because they hurt the scalp when you sleep in them. I still have my hard rollers and sometimes use them. The things we women do to look nice for ourselves and you guys.