Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hair Brush Information

Dry hair can be a big problem with most people, and particularly people with afro kinky type hair. On account that kinky hair grows the way it does, spirally from the scalp, the natural oils from the scalp cannot reach the length of the strand to properly lubricate it, so you are usually left with parched, dry hair. In order for you to get the natural oils to the very ends of your hair you usually have to brush the hair. I'm careful with using a brush on my hair because improper brushing or too vigorous brushing can break the hair. I have three brushes that I use. Two are natural boar bristle brushes (more delicate type brushes) and a detangling type brush. The natural boar bristle brushes I have are two different types. One of them is a bit more sturdy for when I am trying to pull my hair back. The other one is very soft and I usually use it to brush back my hair after I put it in a pony tail, to even out the hair and get the hair to lay down. My detangler brush (Denman knockoff), I use when my hair is tangled and a regular brush cannot remove the tangles without breaking off my hair. I'm going to one day buy the real Denman brush because I've wanted this brush for a long time. Denman makes a lot of brushes and they cost more than regular brushes you buy from the BSS. They're not super expensive, around $7 or $8 dollars for the one that I want. You can get the Denman brushes from Sally Beauty Supply store. I have looked in different stores, but haven't found them in other stores. I have been using natural boar bristle brushes for many many years now. I used to use the nylon type brushes and started using the natural boar bristle brushes after my sister told me about them. They are more gentle to the hair, by not pulling the hair like nylon brushes do. Nylon brushes are definitely a no no for any type of hair, and in particular natural kinky hair. That old adage about a hundred strokes of brushing the hair doesn't apply today. A few strokes with the brush is all you really need. Only enough to get at the natural oils on your scalp and distribute them to the rest of your hair. So brush on baby, but take your time and don't overdo it.

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