Monday, March 17, 2008

Natural Beneficial Botanicals for Hair

There are so many products marketed to hair that you don't know where to start and where to end. I am from the school of finding products that are both beneficial to the hair etc. and also not too expensive and that actually work. In my quest for beautiful natural hair, I have for the last two years, constantly tried out different products claiming they are all natural and all that and are supposed to be very good for the hair. Aura makes products that include botanicals like rosemary for the hair. I have one of their conditioners and I like it. It's cooling to the scalp and is good to the hair also. It's called Rosemary Mint conditioner or something like that. I used to look at a girl's web page and she always had nice looking hair and she said that she used Aura Cherry Bark conditioner, but I never tried that one, but will in the future. I know that botanicals like herbs and the like can do good for hair, but finding the right one or the right combination is what is a problem for me. I will find what I believe to be a good conditioner and use it and then either it stops working, or never works from the start. I found some helpful information about certain plants like horsetail and biotin, which are supposed to be good for the hair. Sometimes when I'm purchasing products I try to look for certain things in them, so that even if the product isn't very good, at least it has something beneficial in it. I like to look for Aloe and things like biotin and even silicone, because they usually work for me. As far as taking biotin by mouth, I won't do that again. I once took this as a supplement because all over the Net they touted this as a miracle supplement for both hair growth and hair retention. I took it and after I took it about a few weeks, it made my skin break out. I didn't like that aspect of it at all. I stopped taking it and decided to not take it by mouth anymore. Some vitamins and supplements can be powerful and you have to be careful what you take and how much you take. When I take something I've never taken before I take the minimal dose that I can get away with and still have some kind of results. I do take vitamin supplements everyday and have for as long as I can remember. My mother used to make us kids take vitamins when we were young. She used to give us this liquid type vitamin that tasted awful. I couldn't stand it, but she made us take it anyway. So many products for one head of hair, mine. So my quest continues for the perfect product(s) for my hair.

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