Monday, March 3, 2008

When Will Hair Haters Learn?

I honestly would like to know when hair haters will give it a rest. I guess never. Seems like a few hair haters have all the time in the world to be on the internet and wreak havoc on sites and all. I don't know what they get from their actions, but they are to be pitied. Anytime you find someone who is so disgruntled with themselves and their family and friends etc. that it hits to the core of who they are, you get a hater. I have always wondered why some people are this way. Maybe it's a way of calming their own fears and anxieties that make them want to do underhanded things like put up fake hair websites with the hopes that people will flock to their convoluted websites so that they can show just how infantile they really are. I know people who are so infantile and who hate themselves so much that they are always putting things up on the net for shock value. Instead of getting the help they so desperately need, they instead are hate filled mongers. The truth is that hate stems from fear. Sometimes if we as people would take a look at ourselves and really have some sort of introspective thoughts about ourselves and our lives, the world would turn on it's axis the way God intended it to. Hating someone accomplishes NOTHING. The only thing that hate creates in someone from my opinion is a person who is sad, lonely and pathetic. I know people like this. A trip to your local church for a good confession might help some. Negative thoughts and hate will never produce the results you think they will. Hate will ultimately destroy the one who hates. This is something that came to mind and I thought I would share it with my readers.