Monday, March 10, 2008

Gentlemen's Quarterly

I've talked a lot on this blog about hair and other things, but haven' discussed the guys. Lord knows I do love you all and haven't forgotten any of you. A well groomed man is something to fatten up a woman's eyes. Being well dressed doesn't hurt either. I always did like a man in a suit with some nice shoes. Casual clothes are good too, but a man in a suit always makes me do a double take. Hubba Hubba, bowing down to the suited gentleman. I don't know if it was the fact that growing up I always saw guys in suits as mysterious or something. I remember when I was a teenager I used to be in a club. Clubs back in the day were the thing. Me and my club sisters always liked to go clubbing with other clubs and my club even gave some dances too. We also had a brother club and the guys were always dressed pretty nice for teenagers. They used to wear gabardine, silken wools, nice shirts and SHOES. Not sneex mind you, and these were teenage boys around 15, 16 & 17. They used to wear Kangol caps too, and that's when they weren't even that popular. I still can remember seeing the guys walking around looking nice and dressed nice. I remember two of the guys who had red Kangol caps and us sisters used to call them the red cap duet. They used to get mad at us for calling them that. What happened to young men like this?? Now I'm not stupid and I know young guys like to be comfortable and the like, and express themselves with their clothing, and I don't have a problem with that, but they should sometimes make an effort to dress up once in a while. I know back in the day when my mother took us kids in town to Center City we had to have on dresses and patent leather shoes and nice socks and gloves. Whatever happened to all that? Our hair was neatly combed and we had to be on our p's & q's. We had to act like little ladies because my mother wouldn't stand for nothing less than that. God rest her soul, that woman is a saint I tell you. I know she would be turning in her grave if she saw me wearing sneex, which I wear all the time for comfort, since I once tore tendons in my foot and still have some problems. My mother didn't own a pair of sneakers and didn't own pants either. Anyway, I'm still paying homage to a suited man and a some muscles doesn't hurt either. Sexy, Sexy. Damn! Woo Hoo! Smacking my lips on hickory chips...That's me being a little cuckoo. See what you suited gentlemen do to me?

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