Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hair Color & Coloring

Hair color is something you get from mom and dad. In other words its hereditary. I have naturally dark hair(darkest brown) but have colored my hair throughout the years. It lightens up a little bit in the summer months and I like that too. I used to use Clairol Ultra Blue hair dye back in the day because that was the in thing among my friends in school etc. This particular hair dye was supposed to lighten the hair to a blond shade that then could be further manipulated with a tint to get the color you desired. I always kept a box of this dye around. I would lighten my hair in strategic places since that was the style then. I then went on to discover Henna. This was supposed to be a natural type hair colorant that was beneficial to the hair. I used henna a few times, but didn't find it that great. It used to come in either a box or tin can. It was a powder and you mixed in water to get a paste you then were supposed to apply to your hair. I tried both types, box and can and the results were the same, so so. The color was okay, but I never did see where the conditioning part came in. It was sloppy to use and you had to leave it in your hair for a good while if you wanted to really see the color. The colors were usually darker to red colors. I used to get the brown tones and they didn't make much difference in my hair color as far as I was concerned. When mixed it looked like a bowl of soft mud. It didn't have any unusual smell to it though. You gloped in your head and waited and then was supposed to have nice highlights. I found that it usually dried out my hair a lot, because at the time I was relaxing my hair. People still use this and swear by it. I also heard that beets are good for tinting the hair too. I color the little gray I have in my hair from time to time. I used to let it stay and then got tired of it and began to color it. Most of my gray hairs are towards the front of my hair, on the hairline. Look, I didn't start the movement of dying gray hair I just go along with the program. Gray hair looks awesome on some people. I have seen many women and men with a full head of gray hair that look wonderful. I find I don't look as good with gray hair because I have a somewhat youthful face and it doesn't go good with a lot of gray hair. I sometimes use a color stick, which is great when you're in a hurry and didn't have the time to color the gray. There are all types of hair dyes on the market and they all work pretty good. I one time bought jet black hair dye and colored my entire head of hair. I was washing black soot out of my hair for the longest time. Every time I washed my hair, more dye was released. It was a mess. I promised myself I would never do that again. That dye was a semi-permanent type dye and I thought I looked ridiculous with jet black hair. I like my jet brown hair better. Nowadays when I want color to my hair, I buy a wig. I can change it in a snap if I happen to not like it. I have posted photos of Jennifer Lopez & Star Jones Reynolds above because they have what I believe is beautifully colored hair. Both of these women show how to wear a lighter hair color that compliments their style and skin tones. Nuff said.

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