Thursday, March 6, 2008

Natural Eyebrows vs Arched Eyebrows

I am always forever plucking my eyebrows. I like doing this because I like my eyebrows to be perfectly arched at all times. If I could, I'd pluck them everyday. I was plucking them yesterday while holed up doing jury duty and I got quite a few looks while I plucked away. There's nothing mystical about plucking eyebrows or anything else for that matter. I sometimes pluck a wayward facial hair from time to time also. I'll get one really long ugly squiggly hair on my chin every so often and I got to get rid of it. I used to have very thick uneven eyebrows when I was younger and didn't know what to do with it. I take that from my very hairy grandfather, whose eyebrows looked like you could comb them. I recall one time long ago when I was around 15 or 16 years of age and I was outside talking with a good friend of mine and she looked up at my eyebrows and frowned. She went on to ask me why did I shave my eyebrows the way I did. I didn't shave them at all because that's just the way they grew in, wild, untamed and uneven. I think this friend of mine made me want to have nice eyebrows. We were always good buddies in school and also at home. I saw this person about two years ago and we talked for a long time and I gave her my number, but she never got back to me. She was always a nice person to me and I like her to this very day. Hope to see her again soon. Anyway I think she kind of inspired me to think about my eyebrows and to this very day I pluck away. I love plucking other people's eyebrows too you know. Man, woman, come one, come all and I'll pluck your eyebrows for you. Ha Ha. I even convinced my daughter to let me pluck her eyebrows one time. I had been eying her very thick eyebrows forever and wanted to pluck them for her badly. She was very afraid to have them plucked and wouldn't let me do them for the longest time. I begged and begged for a few years until finally she allowed me one time to pluck them. Well, she was so impressed with the look that she is a devoted "plucker" like me. Hell, her eyebrows look better than mine! I have converted a few people to plucking their eyebrows to clean them up and let them look nicer. That initial fear of pain soon is replaced with wanting to have the eyebrows looking good. I started shaving my eyebrows with a straight razor for the longest time because I was a bit frightened of the pain that plucking would cause. My oldest sister was also a devoted "plucker" and one day she came to see the family and noticed my very shaved up looking eyebrows and told me that I should pluck out the hairs instead of shaving because I might permanently damage the area around the eyebrows with frequent shaving. I didn't listen to her right away and continued shaving my eyebrows for some time until one day I was looking in the mirror after washing my face and the area around my eyebrows looked like it was covered with fine sand. After my face dried the area looked plain awful, like I had used a grater on the area. There were little bumps and nicks and the like and I got scared and decided to give in and start to pluck them instead of shaving them. I let my eyebrows grow in completely and waited a few more weeks for the area to heal completely. There was some pain, but after I finished and and redness went away I was blown away. I really liked the look and have been happily plucking away for years now. I sometimes over pluck and have to wait for them to grow back in and then repluck to get the look that I want. Thick eyebrows are fine for men, but in my opinion, not a good thing for the ladies. Clean up your eyebrows ladies and instantly your face will look a little better.

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