Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Would We Be Withouth Hair?

Here are representations of all types of hair since I am hoping all types of people will read my blog. Hair is an interesting topic indeed because it brings out a range of emotions in people. I remember as a child when one of my sisters had a vest that had hanging fringe on it and me playing around with it and acting like it was my hair. I would put it on my head and swing it around and pretend I was singing on stage. That was the good old days. I don't understand why hair is so important, but when I think about it I know its important. I remember many times trying new relaxers back in the day and them burning my hair out until only a few strands of over processed hair was left on my head. I even went to a beauty shop and had my hair relaxed a few times. One time I went to an older Black lady who probably was more familiar with using a hot comb as opposed to chemicals to straighten hair. If I can remember correctly I think she used the new relaxer that had just come out that claimed that you didn't have to "smooth" the hair and get beautiful results. I think it was called French Perm by Revlon. She put the relaxer in my hair and was assuring me that my hair was going to be looking so nice and I believed her. She didn't smooth the relaxer and washed it out of my hair and then blow dried my hair afterwards. The whole time I was thinking that she should have smoothed my hair since my hair was resistant and coarse. She gave me a mirror to look at my hair after she had relaxed it and I couldn't believe my eyes. I didn't say anything to her and left. When I got home I looked at my hair in the mirror under a good light and it was the same way before it was relaxed, tightly coiled and nappy. I was beside myself. I paid her $30 dollars and this is what I got? The next day I went to the BSS (beauty supply store) and bought my usual relaxer and re-relaxed the mess she left and my hair promptly fell out. I'll never forget that. See, hair woes again. I had bald spots on my hair and was so disappointed that I wore a wig until my hair grew back in. The reason I posted the different photos above is to say that hair is beautiful no matter what type, thickness, etc. you have. For us women, hair is our crowning glory. I don't know of a woman or man for that matter, who doesn't fret frequently about their hair. To think that something dead could garner so much pressure is unbelievable. I didn't invent the love of hair or hairstyles, but I do play the game. In my opinion, people should love their hair no matter what type of hair they have. To me "good" hair is hair that is properly conditioned and looks good. Good meaning it doesn't have a lot of split ends and is clean and conditioned properly.

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Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more.. Love your blog. God bless ya!!