Monday, February 4, 2008

Favorite Products (Leave-In Moisturizer)

This product by Cantu, Shea Butter Leave-In is a good product. The strange texture of this product at first was somewhat puzzling. It reminds me of coagulated mayonnaise. It smells good, kind of like something tropical like pineapples and other tropical fruit. It absorbs well into your hair and does not build up with frequent use. I can wash this product out of my hair using a conditioner wash. I use this product year round. Some products are better in the summer and some better in the winter months, but I find this product works well year round. I don't like having to buy different products for different times of year, which I find is a waste of money. The only product that I usually use in the summer months that I don't in the winter months is glycerine. Glycerine is a cheap product you can purchase almost anywhere. This Cantu leave-in is a good product to layer on when you pull your hair back. It gives good moisturization and acts like a base to put under gel to keep the hair moist and give the gel a little more holding power. Top the whole thing off with a little EVOO and voila! you can have a nice pulled back look.