Monday, February 18, 2008

My Wish List

This post is about some of my wish list stuff. I have wanted to get the Nita half wig forever and cannot seem to find it anywhere. It's kind of old, so not that many stores have it I guess. I like it a lot. It's not too long or too short, just right. I've put up a photo of Nita (bottom photo) & Polly(middle photo). I'm not really impressed by Polly as much as Nita because the ends of this half wig are too free form. I kind of like my ends to be a bit more curly and not so out there. I've also included Ruby (top photo) because I have never seen this one and I like it. Imagine me out with this one!! Here come the haters!! I think maybe I'll get this one and wear out to a club one day and fool the guys into thinking it's mine. Ha Ha funny. Some women like to do that. They have all this fake hair and try to let everyone believe it's their real hair. I guess if you want to do that it's okay, but not for me. I've always come clean with my hair. I have never tried to let anyone believe that something I bought was growing out of my scalp. That's me, but I'm not everybody, just me. Maybe I'll get it in a nice shade of blonde. Here come the haters twofold! With this wig (Ruby), I probably could score a husband. Boo Yah. Guys seem to like a bunch of hair on women and I don't know why that is. Look, get this scenario, you with a fine young thang you been sweating forever and you finally get her and then she pulls it off!!!! Good lord. Now imagine again you with your lady and she has her own hair, whatever the length etc. Which one do you like best guys??? I know if I was a man, I sure wouldn't want to run my hands through somebody's hair to have it come off in my hand. Hair glorious hair, so much fuss about something that everybody has. I'm chomping at the bit to get up on You Tube. When I put up my video, I'm going to get so many hits with my ridiculous and silly video.