Friday, February 15, 2008


I recently was checking out some sites that I look at on the web and saw that one of my favorite people with natural hair had decided to put a relaxer in her very long natural hair. I believe that she must have been natural for many many years because she has a lot of hair. I was sort of shocked, but then thought that it's her hair and she can put a relaxer in it if she so chooses. I'm on this again because something came to mind to me a few days ago. I was visiting a family member and had my natural hair out in a parted afro on this particular day. A neighbor of my cousin happened to come over to her house and instead of her focusing on my cousin she immediately put her focus on me and my hair. (What else is new?!) She looked at me and then looked at my hair and matter-of-factly asked me if didn't I know how to twist my hair tightly and then let it out so I could have "curls" & "waves"! What the %#$@!!!!! Now I know good and well Miss messed up hair with an old weave did not just ask me a question about MY hair! You know I could have given her a few choice words about her hair, but I let her slide, because I know whenever I say something biting to people IT HURTS! I guess whenever people have you on a high horse, whatever you say about them HURTS! I can be minding my own business, as I usually do, and here comes somebody trying to hate. Look, it's only hair. And by the way, hair is dead. Why so much craziness about something that's already dead when it comes out of your head????? It's 2008 and people have all types of hairstyles today. No matter what your race or ethnicity, hair comes in all types from poker straight to super kinky or curly. Get over it and do your own thing with your own hair. As far as I'm concerned I can have any type of hair I desire by using a wig if my hair can't attain that particular style. I can go straight one day and the very next day curly and so on. I think the next thing I'm going to do is get a video of myself up on You Tube to address the hair haters. Well, that's my little anecdote for today.

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