Monday, February 18, 2008

Cheap Conditioners & Conditioner Washes

I have a lot of conditioners that I use on my hair and none of them are all that spectacular. Some of them have become conditioner washes for me when I tire of using them to condition my hair. I sometimes use Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner to conditioner wash my hair. Some women rave about this particular conditioner on many websites so I decided to try it. It's an okay conditioner in my opinion. When I conditioner wash my hair with it I don't see anything that I can write home about. It works, but nothing special about it. I do happen to like the Nexxus line of shampoos and conditioners though. They are pricey and I don't use the conditioner I have to conditioner wash my hair. I used to use Nexxus products when I had relaxed hair and they worked fine then and now. I got a special price of $25 for both the shampoo and conditioner and they are the liter sized bottles! Any trip to your neighborhood BSS to price Nexxus products and you will realize that twenty five dollars for two bottles of the liter size is a real bargain. I do not like to use a lot of shampoo on my hair even when I shampoo, but sometimes that isn't possible since I have thick hair. My hair drinks up whatever I apply to it. I didn't know anything about conditioner washing my hair before looking at the websites on the net. I usually look at for good ideas on natural hair care. That's a good website. When I conditioner wash my hair I use a lot of conditioner, so it's in my best interest to find cheap and effective conditioners to do this. So far all of them are mediocre at best. When I read the ingredients on them, all of them have about the same things in them: Water, a lot of chemicals and fragrance. I do happen to like a little silicone in my conditioners even though a lot of web pages and sites frown on using silicone on natural kinky type hair. I believe whatever works you have to use. I don't find silicone particularly damaging to my hair. It makes my hair a little smoother when I'm combing it after washing. One line of shampoos and conditioners I don't particularly care for is VO5. I have tried this line many times and always end up with super itchy hair. They have good products, but they don't agree with my hair. I tried the tea tree conditioner and liked it a lot. The smell was nice and it left my hair feeling good until the next day when I couldn't stop scratching my scalp. No more VO5 for me.