Monday, February 25, 2008

More Good Products & Cheapies

I should have posted about this product before but didn't so now I will. I find White Rain products to be good and cheap. I don't use the shampoos, but I do use the conditioners. I have two different conditioners by White Rain and like them both. In a pinch I used the Ocean Mist conditioner on my hair as a leave-in type conditioner and it worked good. I also use the Energizing Citrus to conditioner wash from time to time. I rotate my conditioners that I use to conditioner wash and do general conditioning to my hair. If you like a lot of smell to your hair after conditioning, then this brand of conditioner delivers. The Ocean Mist is quite perfumey and the smell lasts a while. The only problem I sometimes have with using conditioners as leave-ins is sometimes they make my scalp itch or I find that I'm allergic to them. After using the Ocean Mist my hair felt nicely conditioned and moisturized. There are no 'cones' (silicone) in these two conditioners, but they do have some herbal extracts like seaweed, chamomile & aloe extracts in the Ocean Mist. I don't feel like I'm throwing money down the drain when I use White Rain products because they are so inexpensive.

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