Friday, February 29, 2008

Can I Get A Wittness

I'm wondering can I get a shout out from the peanut gallery concerning shrinking hair? There are people who do not have this problem. I will stretch my hair and it's long and when I wash it, it looks like a pulled in Slinky(photo to the left). I guess people know what a Slinky is, but if you don't: (you know I'm gonna tell you) A slinky was an old time toy that I had as a youngster. It's made out of metal and coiled tightly and you can make it do tricks and so on. Here's a story for you: I remember when I was younger wanting a Slinky so bad. When my mother finally relented and bought this contraption for me guess what?? I thought I was going to re-invent that Slinky and make it do things nobody else could make it do and I completely twisted it up. You should have seen that Slinky and what I did to it. It was twisted, mangled and looked like a crazy person had used it. I was devistated about ruining my new Slinky. Ha Ha. I still think about that Slinky from time to time. I think I'm going to get me a new Slinky one of these days because it's a great toy. Well, back to hair, what I was trying to say is the shrinkability of tightly coiled hair can be a problem when you are trying to achieve certain styles. I'm going to post a photo of my freshly washed hair looking like a dozen Slinkys. I knew someone who did not have hair that shrank and I couldn't believe this woman's hair. When she washed her hair it just stayed the way it was before she washed it. She had a baby fine texture and it just stayed out and didn't shrink. I'm going to invent a product that when you wash your hair it doesn't shrink. Well, good luck to me. There are numerous products on the market that are supposed to "tame" unruly and tightly coiled hair, but none of them really seem to work. I have so many things that I have tried and been disappointed with. These products only coat the hair and make you believe that they are improving the condition of your hair. I probably could retire on the money that I have spent on products that did not work or worked minimally. Well, I keep looking for good products for my hair and will continue to do so until I find what works and keeps working.

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