Monday, February 18, 2008

Scarves, Do Rags ,Stocking Caps & Grease

Everybody with natural kinky hair probably have all of these things in their possession. I have them all and use them all. Scarves don't stay on my head at night while I'm sleeping. They come off and I'm always half putting them back on in the middle of the night. I hate that. I have been using stocking caps on my head at night. They work better than scarves and even the dreaded do rag. I got one, so what? I love my do rag. It come in handy for a lot of things. I sometimes wear it to bed, (it comes off too) and also use it when I want a more polished look when I pull back my hair. I wear my scarves when I have my hair braided up around the house. Do rags are traditionally worn by Brothers when they want to have that "waved" look to their hair. I think it looks nice. This talk of do rags etc. brings back a memory of one time when someone told me to try out one of those pomades marketed to Black men, on my hair. The directions on the can says to wet a rag with hot water and put on the hair, then put on the pomade and then brush hair in desired style. Well I tried this stuff and ended up with a greasy mess. My hair stunk and looked awful using that pomade. I still don't know why this stuff is even still sold. It's the hardest type of grease known to man. My hair looked like I had blow dried one of those old type of plastic rain things that us ladies used to wear back in the day right onto my hair. Now I know some of y'all remember those things. It folded up like an accordion and had plastic strings that you were supposed to tie underneath your chin to keep the rain thingy in place. Ha ha. Stupid thing! I tell you I need photos of this stuff because I know that anybody reading this should remember how silly women looked wearing those things. My mother used to make me wear these things when it rained and I hated it. Anyway, that's how that pomade made my hair look. My hair looked like it had a light coating on snow on top of it. I never saw anything like it ever. So ugly. The newer pomades are a bit lighter and probably were not like the one I tried. And the grease that I used to use, I tell you stupid. They still sell them in the stores even today. Some like: Dixie Peach, My Knight, Marcel Curling Wax, Bergamot (I used to actually like this stuff). Here is a story about Bergamot: One time when I was younger, around 9 or 10 years old I would guess, and I was going to camp and wanted my bangs to look nice, I put a whole scoop of bergamot on my bangs and off I went. Them bangs looked so nice, but I didn't put the grease on the rest of my hair. I had the nicest looking bangs and the rest of my hair looked like I had been in a tornado. I still remember that. And then I remember one time when I was young, a lady had a good laugh about my hair. See, always people hating. She called me over to her and asked me who did my hair. I was all proud thinking she thought my hair looked nice, since I had did it myself. I was very independent as a child and didn't want anyone doing my hair so I used to do it myself. I told this hater that I did it all by myself and she looked at my hair and began to laugh so loud other kids came to see why she was laughing. I'm laughing as I type this up because it's funny now when I think back on it, but how juvenile of a grownup to make fun of a child. She had a good laugh then, but I bet if I saw her now, I'd probably be the one laughing. She was short, ugly and wore glasses and probably thought she was so fine. Hair haters is what I call them. Then there were various neighborhood kids that used to laugh at my hairstyles, only to copy them a few days later! Such hair haters. It didn't bother me then and it doesn't now. I just keep trucking while the hair haters hate. You know what, it will be 30 years from now, and the hair haters are going to be still hating, still doing the same stuff like the previous years, NOTHING. I've put up a photo of what I believe the hater who laughed at my hair as a youngster probably looks like today above. Enjoy! Ha ha. Now I'm laughing.