Friday, February 15, 2008


I was thinking about some old time things when I remembered a hairstyle from the 70's called a mushroom. I used to wear my hair in this ridiculous style too. The hair was put in a page boy all around without any parts and then the back was combed down into a smaller bottom page boy. I wish I could see an old photo of somebody with this hairstyle because it was so odd looking. It was nice back in the day, but to think of some of the styles we wore can definitely call for a good giggle. Then there was the flat top. This was a blown out afro flattened on the top and then patted down. I've got some photos of myself with this style that I'll post in the near future. Warning, you're gonna be laughing! So ridiculous. Remember the days when you wanted to buss on somebody and called them either Jackson Five or The Silvers? If you do then you're getting old. Then there was the style that some Brothers wore that defies logic. It was a sort of half straightened afro combed towards the front of their head. It looked like they had on a cap. This is going back some time. And the style of all styles that some girls wore when I was in high school was a flat top afro with one large box braid in the center of the flat top. Those were the good old days. Days when you could wear your hair how you wanted without somebody hating. I used to wear all of those styles. I got pictures of some of them too. Then back in the days when us girls was describing how fine a Brother was, if you threw in the "he got a big bush," you knew he was fine. The bigger the bush, the finer he was. So many memories based on hair. Then remember when Vigorol came out? This chemical was supposed to loosen the kink just enough so you could then straighten it and the straightening would last and last. I never personally tried Vigorol, but many of my friends did. I do remember getting my hair pressed & curled one time (got the pictures) and I knew the sun was rising and setting on me. I thought I was the finest thing that ever existed. I found the photo of that press and curl recently and couldn't stop laughing at how I looked. I had some little blue glasses on and looked so stupid. Well at least I thought I looked good. One of my favorite styles from back in the day was cornrows. I loved having them and doing them. I still do cornrows on my hair from time to time and on one of my grandkid's hair. I'm pretty good at doing cornrows too. I taught myself how to do them. I think I'm the only one in my family that knows how to cornrow. This next little story goes out to my very good friend Inez. She was one of my favorite people until the day that she pulled my wig off of my head back in high school. She was sort of a prankster and I had on this afro wig and while we were at lunch she kept looking at the wig. I was wondering if she thought I looked cute with my afro wig. Anyway, on our way home she plucked that wig right off of my head in front of everybody. I think I said something smart to her earlier in the day why she did it. I still remember that, but we remained friends for many years even after that. I wish I knew where she was today. Then here's goes the can't stop laughing story. One time I was coming home from work and had on a wig. I've been wearing wigs etc. for years. I was wearing wigs even when it wasn't cool to do so. I didn't care, because I always do what pleases me. On this day I was coming out of the Broad Street Subway. Well, anybody that takes the subway knows how you have to hold onto your hat, keep your dress pulled tightly when you are walking up the steps and the train is leaving the station. I completely forgot about the woosh of wind when the train took off, and my wig came flying off and I had to chase it back down the steps. I was embarrassed that day because my hair was a complete mess under the wig. Well, these are life lessons and that's why I'm glad I'm natural today. I still wear wigs, but keep them in place with big bobby pins.

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