Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stretching Out Natural Afro Hair

When you have natural kinky type afro hair, trying to achieve certain styles can be a bit difficult at times. After I wash my hair it shrinks way down and I look like I have about two or three inches of hair, even though it's much longer than that after I braid it and it dries. Just the other day I was in a rush to style my hair after washing it and I braided it & used a hood type dryer to dry it quickly, but my hair didn't dry all the way & it was shrunken when I slicked it back. Maybe had it dried thoroughly, it would have been more stretched. I do not apply any type of heat to my hair and usually like to stretch my hair by braiding or twisting it up. Usually after the second day of braiding and re-braiding my hair it's usually sufficiently stretched so that I can pull it back. There are many "straightening" type products on the market, but I have only tried one of them by Smooth & Shine, a straightening balm, with minimal results. The product I tried recently escapes my memory, but I will post a photo & name of the product as soon as I am able to. I've posted a photo of the relaxing balm, which I tried on my hair many years ago when I was trying to go natural and wanted something to stretch out my new growth hair and it worked okay, but nothing spectacular. Some people like to use a hair dryer to stretch out their natural hair, but I have not done this myself, since I don't like to use heat on my hair. If I were in a pinch I might use a hair dryer though. Another good way to stretch out natural kinky hair is to use some type of roller after washing the hair, making sure the hair is sufficiently damp and rolling the roller tightly on the hair and either letting the hair air dry or by using a hair dryer. Here is a helpful link to a page on with reviews for the Straight Out product: href="http://">href=" Check out one of my Youtube videos below. Please watch, comment, rate & subscribe!


Anonymous said...

hi....i think its nappynice that you have your natural hair but try not to force-stretch it as that pulls on your follicles and irritated the hair .

Take Down Remover ShareChat said...

Natural Afro hair is strong. Try stretching out or extending your hair after blow drying with the Wax Down styling wax. Or wet with the Take Down Moisture Restoring hair lotion.