Friday, June 6, 2008

My Strands

I tried to take a photo of a few of my strands, but my digital camera is not that good, but I'm posting the photo just the same. The four strands show the different types of hair on my head. As you can see the top strand bends in the "z" angles, which eqauals 4B or 4C hair. The bottom strand has more of a curl pattern to it, namely 4A I believe. In the middle the strands are little "o's", with the left one a little smaller than the right one, again two different types of hair. When I purchase a better camera I will again take photos of different strands of my hair and hopefully the photos will be a little clearer. The hair samples came from the middle and front of my hair. I did not take any from the nape or sides of my hair which I believe is more of a 3C.

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