Friday, January 18, 2008

Two Strand Twists

I'm thinking about doing some two stranded twists on my hair maybe over the next few weeks. My problem with doing twists is they always unravel and I end up having to re-twist over and over again. I'm going to try it again though. I personally like to do my twists on either dry or semi-dry hair so that they hang nicely. Whenever in the past that I have done twists on shampooed hair, I always ended up with shrunken twists that tend to knot up when I try to remove them. With twists you need a good base on your hair like a twisting type cream etc. The one I have I think is by ORS. It smells good and has coconut milk in it. I'll post a picture of my twists when I do them. (Any helpful hints on doing twists would be appreciated. Either e-mail hints or put in comments section)

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