Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting Enough Moisture in Your Hair

This winter has been an odd one. Some days the temperature is warm and other days it's cold. This poses some problems when I style my hair. I have found that on some days it's easier for me to wear a wig. I have a lot of them and want some new ones. I don't like really short or really long wigs. I sort of like my wigs to be about the same length of my own hair. Now as far as moisture is concerned, there are so many different moisturizers on the market that I sometimes don't know which one to purchase. I have tried a lot of them. Some of them work and some of them do not. I guess if I want the perfect moisturizer I might have to combine some of the products until I get what I want. Sometimes I find what I believe to be the perfect product and then I read the ingredients and here comes the petrolatum. I must admit that I did recently purchased a moisturizer by Hollywood Beauty (pic to the right) and it has petrolatum and mineral oil in it. I'm only going to use this product right after shampooing & conditioning to seal my hair. I'm going to have to see how it works out on my hair, since I haven't applied any petroleum or mineral oil based products on my hair in the longest time. I will post up here how I like or dislike it anyway. (*UPDATE ON THIS PRODUCT): I used this product and found it very hard to wash out of my hair. I don't like this product and would not purchase again.