Sunday, October 17, 2010


I recently purchased this shampoo and conditioner since I'm a PJ (product junkie) and wanted something for my itchy scalp. The shampoo does have sulfates, which I don't like very much, but it left my hair nice and soft. (Click here to see my YouTube page for info)The conditioner contains silicones but is also nice and left my hair feeling moist and conditioned. Each one of the duo was under $3 for a large size (32 oz.) product. I would still recommend using a good moisturizer on your hair after shampooing and conditioning with these products or similar products if your hair is in it's natural afro state simply because most shampoos and conditioners robs the hair of needed moisture. Suave and White Rain products are quite inexpensive if you are on a budget or just want to save money on hair products. I haven't CW (conditioner wash) with the conditioner yet, but plan on doing so in the near future. I have been perusing quite a number of websites/pages for info on making a moisturizer and have made a nice moisturizer for my hair that really works out very well. I will post information for this moisturizer in a future post, so please check back for this and other great information for your hair.

*Note: Information for this product says Star Magazine beauty editors named Suave Professionals® Rosemary Mint Shampoo “Best Shampoo” for the 2010 Star Beauty Awards!


Anonymous said...

I recently went natural (Just a couple of months ago) and my hair is pretty hard to manage. It breaks frequently when I comb t, even though I do use a lot of oil on it. I spray motions leave in conditioner every morning before combing it out, or alternatively use shea butter natural leave in conditioner. After this takes effect I comb my hair out before massaging shea butter moisturiser on to it, and finally i top it off with botanicals natural hair oils before finally styling it. Is there anything else I should be doing to ensure that it is perfectly oiled and prevent breakage?

I was also wondering, how can I get it to stand out a bit more, at the moment it forms tight coils which are seemingly impossible to straighten.

NAPCILY said...

This comment is an answer to the question on how to manage recently natural hair from Anonymous. All hair is prone to breakage and must be handled with care to minimize breakage. You didn't say if you did a big chop (cutting off all the processed hair). Where the natural hair & the processed hair meets, you will usually see breakage since the two hairs are so different. If you do not plan on cutting your hair, then you have to keep it moisturized all the time and be careful when you comb out your hair where the two different types of hair meet. Maybe you could try to conditioner wash (only use conditioner) your hair sometimes instead of using a harsh shampoo. Also get a spray bottle and fill it with water or steep rosemary leaves in water and add to your spray bottle and use it to thoroughly saturate your hair when you are going to detangle and comb out. Hope that helps!