Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some Answers to Questions

Since I'm no expert on this blogging stuff I tried to post some questions that I received on this blog. One of the questions was where you get liquid lecithin. I'm thinking that you can probably pick that up at any health food store or maybe even at a GNC type store. I also got a post about pulling or tugging on the hair causing the hair follicles to be irritated or something like that. I try not to pull my hair tight, but sometimes to achieve a style you do have to pull your hair tightly to stretch it to get it to the straightness you want for the style you are trying to achieve. I can be found on most days rocking one of my many wigs and wear my hair out when I feel like it. I do twists on my hair, but have never worn them out since I don't believe I can do them properly and make them look nice enough to wear out in public. I've had people question as to why I do what I do with my hair and it escapes me as to why anyone would care what I did with my own hair. Whether I intend to wear a wig everyday until I die or style my hair stretched to breaking shouldn't matter to anyone but myself. This type of thing is a constant when you have natural afro type hair because some people would like to dictate to other people how and what they should do with their hair and shouldn't be so. I love all types of hair and have in the past had my hair straightened and relaxed to within one inch of my hair's life. I decided that I didn't want to do that to my hair anymore and decided to try to go natural. I tried many times before in the past to go natural and was met with some very rude comments from my own people (afro American). What a shame when it matters to someone what is on someone's head, rather than what is in someone's heart. I am constantly puzzled by some people's actions as they relate to someone's hair. In case you don't know or do know, hair is dead when it comes out of your head. How something that is dead could warrant so much attention is beyond my understanding. I guess I didn't invent the love or hate of hair and that's that. It is what it is. I happen to like my nappy hair now, because I didn't for many years and tried to alter it to fit into what was considered "good hair." I have seen many a head of so called "good hair", (in the black community hair that is either curly or wavy) looking just awful. I've seen many a head so relaxed that the whole front of the hairline was moved back about an inch or two. I like curly, wavy, straight and afro hair equally and find all of them beautiful, especially when taken care of and kept up. So in closing, we should love what God gave us and style it the way we see fit. Whether you have natural, straight, curly, wavy, relaxed, or no hair at all, more power to you. Love your hair and love yourself more and focus on the positive things in life and leave the negativity at the doorstep.

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