Monday, June 15, 2009

This Blog Stuff...Geez

I hadn't been on my blog for a few months and am quite surprised to see my viewing count in excess of sixteen thousand. Wow! I can't believe that many people are interested in my little old blog. He he he. WFT! Now I'm no slouch in the intelligence department and happen to know that roughly fifty percent of the viewers of this blog are cultish haters who haven't got much of a life. The Internet has so many pages, websites and blogs, that I can't fathom how mines get so much play. Wow! That's about all I can say. Now to all the legitimate people who come on my blog to get hair information, I welcome you and sincere thanks for viewing my blog. I happen to be somewhat a celebrity in my part of town to certain people, who just can't get enough of me. They are constantly up on here absorbing every single word that I put on here and looking to see what or if I say anything about them. I feel sorry for all of you and pray for you all and hope that you all find God and put Him into your lives instead of doing all the things that you all do. I'm a simple woman who happens to appeal to numerous folks who are on a path straight to the bowels of hell and believe that my intervention can save them or something. Newsflash: God is the only entity that can correct your evil ways and redeem you! The next time you have me on your mind, which I know is all the time, ask God for forgiveness and turn your lives around! I was watching Dr. Phil today and the topic was about mind control and cults and it hit home for me. Any human being that wants to control another human being in a very negative way, is surely in line for the harsh reality of what God has in store for them. You will see yourself and your offspring spiral to the point of no return. If people really knew what hell consisted of, they would get on their hands and knees and beg God for forgiveness and never do wrong ever again!! Hell is not a really hot place where you go and see a man in a red costume with a tail and pitchfork. Think of hell as a place where you are in a free fall for all eternity, with no one to help you, while you are tormented with bitter pain, with demons ripping your flesh off, burning you, causing the worst feelings you could not even imagine! Intense fear, anxiety, and the worst nightmare that you cannot awaken yourself from. This is not a joke! So don't believe that what you do in your day to day lives goes unnoticed. Maybe your family, friends etc. will miss some of it, but God misses nothing! Think twice before you succumb to someone telling you what to do to other human beings and what to say! Be careful of what you do and say to people because you can never be one hundred percent sure of who people really are!!! There are numerous angels on the earth who work in tandem with The Almighty and watch everything that goes on constantly. Your best pal who you like to brag to about all your "doings" just might be that angel who was sent by God for a purpose. Now being an observant and intelligent woman I know numerous people are in the frame of mind that what they do doesn't matter at all and they can conduct their lives in whichever manner they choose. True, we all are given the gift of free will and can choose to do evil things and cause chaos and then we can choose to behave in a way that is pleasing to God. It is very easy to love the people who you love, but the real test is to love the people who you feel you hate or don't like. The Bible teaches us that God finds favor with people who have the ability to love their enemies. That's a bitter pill for most people to swallow including myself. But if you wish to see God's face and not end up in hell, then that is what you are required to do. Anyway in closing, DO NOT TAKE REVENGE ON ANY HUMAN BEING, BOW DOWN AND GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES AND ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS & LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE CHRIST LIVED HIS AND DECIDE THAT FROM THIS DAY FORWARD YOU WILL WALK IN GOD'S FOOTSTEPS AND NOT YOUR OWN!

NOTE: The above photograph is taken from the Shroud of Turin and is a depiction of that Shroud. This is said to be a likeness of Jesus Christ by many people. They do not know how this shroud came to be and how the image was put on there to this very day. I myself am mesmerized by the man's eyes and find it hard to not stare at the photograph. I find this photograph to be a comfort for me when I'm feeling down. The face is of a man who enjoyed smiling, by the deep laugh lines. Every time I look at this photograph I am reminded that Jesus Christ did indeed walk on the Earth, was crucified, died and arose from the dead all for us!! He was mocked, jeered, and generally hounded by non-believers. Now imagine if the Son of God could have sustained this kind of treatment from humans, then whatever we go through in our lives that is negative and causes us pain is nothing compared to what Jesus Christ suffered on our behalf. For this reason I put my whole trust and faith in the Almighty and pray for folks who do wrong to me because I know that that is the way that Jehovah wants all of us to be. Look deeply in this man's eyes and in doing so you will be able to search your soul and know that there is salvation and so much love for all of us from the One Most High!

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